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CAR-15 picture thread

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Hey all,


I know its starting a new thread and all, and I might well be flamed :P but I felt these rare rifles didnt deserve any old Armalite thread, (feel free to move it if its not appropriate mods) but they deserved one of their own.


I dont mind whether its pics of you using them, just your rifles, if they are TM or Classic Airsoft (Kokusai) lets just see them! :P Plus it gives us lucky owners a way to gloat to other forum members that we have these guns and show them off :D


Here are pics of one of my two CAR-15's.









edit: Yes I do realise I have a rubber grip on the fore grip. Im in the process of removing it as I type. :P

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lol as if you started this thread - you're sooo gonna get beasted for it.


but i'll join in anyways lol. like you say, gloating wins. whenever i see a pic of a CAR-15, theres numerous comments of "you lucky ######" or "wish i had one".


mine are old photos though. not that it looks any different now. one has a G&P metal body, and one is ALL ORIGINAL ;)







metal bodied one.




EDIT: Had to get rid of one of these pictures, bit offensive to certain people. -Gene

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Im building one right now. I was gonna sell everything, but I put it up in the add and just about got a panic attatck lol. BUT I do have a CAR15 stock for sale.


So Soon enough I will have a built one. Not a True TM but it will look exact. TM modified body, One peice hopup, TM parts: pistol grip, foregrip, stock, flashider.


And I just got Tiger stripe BDU's and boonie and i have small VN Alice rig. Plus 6 G&P VN Midcaps.


Ill post pics when its complete.

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Thread Revival!


I have recently joined the elite ownership of an actual CAR15. Now the next question is...can you get a replacement metal body without switching the front end over?


The top one is Ledpocket's CAR 14.75...you know, not quite a CAR15!




Just the TM



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Thread revival ...revival!


Yes sir, the metal body for the TM CAR15, which should have been correctly called the model 607, is made by Hurricane. I am buying one as a Christmas present to myself.



Now for the pictures!







and one last one with her G&P brothers ;)











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My short history of car-15 ownage.


Oct '05 got a used car-15 that had an A2 metal body (sold it)




In '06 I made the car-14.75 (sold)




Late '06/early '07 I made an xm-607 mod to a CA M16vn (bottom gun) and purchased another TM car-15 (sold)




Mid/late '07 made an xm-607 out of a G&P m16vn








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Excellent pics Ledpocket! :D




In the Saint Armalite users world, the word "CAR15" is used to describe a "Carbine AR15", ie a shorty AR15 (CAR15, XM-177, M653, 655,....). Can we post pictures of XM as well?


I agree with ya Sgt, but I believe this thread is pretty focused on the TM CAR-15, or even rarer, the Kokusai edition.


This is just my opinion and I got in trouble just today with my fellow members for pointing this kind of thing out, :rolleyes:


But we already have an Armalite thread- IMHO we do ourselves a disservice by posting redundant images all over the picture section.



...but hey, I'm not a mod ;)









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Really? thats cool! I always like the Sgt Barnes / Shorty A1 even though technically it wasn't available during the war, just happened to be what they had in the Philippines during the filming of 'Platoon'



What....did they offer it to you in trade for helping them release millions from their bank? ;)

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