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  1. I'm using a prommy wide bore barrel and prommy flat hop. My gun was majorly joule creeping with heavier ammo, but now my fps has dropped and I'm sending .36's and .4's out past 200'.
  2. That or they have realized that with both their AKM gbb and mp5 NGRS they have been sold out for extra mags since release. Or it's just like any other industry right now and having shortages. Either way it's a great thing for the siaga.
  3. Maple leaf has the "F" key for the new style hopup units.
  4. Very cool jmilr! Now I really want to try making one.
  5. Is the gearbox in the gun currently just a plastic version 6 box?
  6. Really begging anyone that could possibly get the measurements of a selector plate. I would but unfortunately threw mine out after I broke it assuming it was a standard part.
  7. Anyone have the ability to make a 3d file for the selector plate? Seems like a good idea since they are easily broken and there is no replacements available anywhere.
  8. So I lost my outer barrel locking ring somehow. The only place I could source one was the eagle6, but it seems out of stock since I've started looking. Anyone else have a place to source it? The only other options I've found is the pro-arms barrel that comes with it built into the barrel for $75 or potentially this one http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=353 ? Or anyone have a TM/ARMY one they would want to part with?
  9. KWA makes short mags for the mp9, I believe they are available still on airsoftgi.com
  10. Can the recoil shock m4's take the standard tm m4 wiring kits? Can't seem to find any wiring kits available specifically for the next gen series.
  11. Yeah, I think I've discovered the problem. ARMY now markets two different versions, the Next Gen AEG and the Next Gen recoil. The regular AEG version is what I received, being slightly cheaper. No recoil weight or bolt stop, but apart from that, identical. While I assume the "recoil" versions have the bolt stop and recoil weight.
  12. Recently just purchased one of the new batches of ARMY R50's. Gun came without bolt stop parts and no recoil weight or spring! I thought that the bolt stop issue was fixed on the older batches of the ARMY clones? And to my knowledge all of the other ARMY recoil's have at least come with the recoil weight and spring? Now it's time to source parts.
  13. I actually found my 97b to be one of the quietest aeg's around. Sure it sounded loud to you because the mechbox is right next to your head, but on the receiving end it was whisper quiet.
  14. The motor in the G&P m14's is infact just a long motor without the metal collar around the shaft. The metal collar is replaced with 2 ball bearings. I had a burnt out motor, took off the collar from another long motor, slid on the 2 G&P bearings and replaced the pinion. Works perfectly.
  15. +1 greenbull, there is several instances where the guys throw the grenade and run in, and the grenade goes off while they are in the same room. If your going for milsim, slow down a little, in the real world friendly fire is in effect.
  16. Its hi-capa compatible. I would HIGHLY suggest one, they just feel so comfy in your hands and perform well too boot.
  17. Not all 2011's, but 2 of them are! The kp08 is by far the most comfortable 2011 I've ever held onto.
  18. Coolbreez, you just sand down the TM lower frame? How long did it take you? Been wanting to try this for a while to match my real 226.
  19. One thing to mention is that the lower receiver by the selector switches is EXTREMELY thin. I received mine broken on the right side of the gun. I actually just removed the selector switch (since the thumb moves it on the left side of the gun) and secured a metal plate over it. Couldn't even notice in the end, but just very frustrating.
  20. Mostly TM, with some weird pistol grip that doesn't fit correctly. Need to order a new one.
  21. Unfortunately I haven't found a battery to fit inside of it yet. I run a external battery that sits between the sliding stock arms. Its a 2200mah 11.1volt and while you can't fully close the stock anymore you can hardly tell that the battery is there unless you look hard.
  22. KWA = fail. Why does their guns need to come shooting soo hot? 400+ fps for a pistol, 440+ fps for a SMG? WHY!?!?!

    1. FireKnife


      Try a weaker gas? Or in colder temperatures.



      its cus they are made for fps hungry americans


    3. faramon


      Just to ###### you off,

  23. Should convert the busted one to the suppressed version of the m3. Very nice though!
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