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  1. I will, like everyone else, submit my own query on the MOE handguards... Where, when will these be available? Do they fit a battery? Will they make me the leetest player on the field (I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that)?
  2. Castle Bravo, What type of CTR stock is that? Commercial or milspec?
  3. Ask and ye shall receive. Here (I think it is 7")
  4. The least that could be done would be to select someone knowledgeable about a particular load and have that individual write up what would be appropriate for that impression. For example, Titleist (or Justin.Kovacs) could be asked to do a brief write up of what gear constitutes a proper 75th Ranger Regiment from Iraq during such and such a period. Then that post could be stickied at the top of the specific loadout thread (in this cash the "Modern Ranger loadout" thread) for all to see. A few references photographs could be included. The same thing could be done for the Navy SEAL thread (
  5. mOrfar, Can we get a photo of the other side of the rifle and an accessories list?
  6. Thought I'd toss up a pic of my rig. Diamondback Tactical Battlelab Assaulter belt 2 x M4 shingles 1 x M4 double magazine pouch Generic dump pouch Maxpedition Mini-Rolly-Polly + Nalgene Condor accessories pouch Mil-Spec magazine pouch/holster Pantac "High Speed Low Drag" suspenders
  7. Those magazines are totally BA. Now to find somewhere that actually sells them...
  8. Best Armalites in the thread.
  9. CASV replicas like that can hold a mini battery inside of them. My old CASV could hold a 2000 mAh nunchuck... so there is a bit of wiggly room in there for a battery.
  10. In addition, once GBBs have all the kinks worked out they are far more reliable in the long run than an AEG. Just look at all of the paintball guns or even classic airsoft guns from the early 1990s that are still bumming around. My VM-68 has never been cracked open, never cleaned and it still shoots like the day I bought it.
  11. Interestingly, what Ing is suggesting has already happened quite a bit in paintball. Innovative players began producing their own custom parts which mainstream companies eventually purchased and began to sell. The Vortex mod for the Tippmann A-5's cyclone feed is one example. Quick exhaust valves for autocockers, A-5s and other guns trying to achieve high rates of fire were also first added by players and are now sold by companies or added to complete guns. So it is definitely possible for a few daring players to make big contributions with their own innovations.
  12. Those are very cool guns. I'm sure it'll be a few years before GBB rifles with remote lines and AEG style hop-ups that accept standard AEG magazines hit the market in an affordable way. I'll be waiting eagerly until then. It has become increasingly clear, however, that gas is "back in."
  13. What PC is that? edit: tag reads Diamondbacktactical... I'll check out their website! FAPC? Yes?
  14. Having run with a RIS system, an Olympic Arms RAS and a KA CASV, I thought it was time to return to basics. So, I've up and sold my RIS, RAS and CASV, and returned to my lightweight option. 5.5 lbs of everything you need (kinda) and nothing you don't. Inspired by this thread on AR15.com. Parts ICS M4 CA Fiber handguards KA 16" barrel CAA Triple Rails Surefire G2 ACM flip-up sight / standard ICS carry-handle Anyone got a standard M4 flash-hider I can snag? PM me.
  15. Sorry, I couldn't help it! Can't help but point out the odd man.
  16. Thr trouble is: who judges what is and what isn't an authentic load out? Someone might post a modern Navy SEAL loadout that isn't 100% accurate and the SEAL geardoes would have to go nuts and comment all about it. I think we'd have to recruit people like LORD SEX and Titleist, etc to post their specific load-outs...
  17. The MIAD won't fit ICS M4s... I don't know the technical details as to why they won't fit. It seems to be common knowledge that "something" prevents ICS M4s from using aftermarket grips. I have heard people say that they've fitted aftermarket grips with varying degrees of success. - - - \/
  18. My ICS CASV Parts: KA CASV KA 16" Barrel ICS AN/PEQ Still waiting for a BUIS. I also removed the picitinny rails closest to the reciever as I do not use them. I also need a new non-VN style flash-hider (mine was free!).
  19. Interesting AUG pic (I think?) with an EOD technician.
  20. Is there a reason why only EOD uses the VLTOR CASV? I've only seen that system in use with the EOD, so I'm just wondering about the reasons behind it. Does it have some special history or special feature that I'm unaware of that would make it better suited than the standard KAC RAS?
  21. Don't cheap out on your eye protection. Buy some ESS goggles or a similar brand and they'll come with a little protector like you were going to buy additionally. On the opposite end, don't spend a ton on your gloves if you're strapped for cash. Gloves are cheap and easy to find, and almost any pair will do the trick. They don't have to be "leet" to be effective. Unless you're set on the Wasatch there are other vests on Ebaybanned or RSOV that are replicas and will do the trick for a bit cheaper. I'm not saying the PANTAC Wasatch is bad, far from it. But you can get a vest in MC on t
  22. Modular gear set - Can anyone else confirm that these will work in an ICS V2 gearbox?
  23. Good review. Honestly, for $230 I would be pretty upset. It seems like the kit has some great quality parts, some mediocre parts and some bad parts. If you couple the mediocre with the bad and then toss in the fiddling that you have to do to get it to all fit together then it seems pretty awful. Now I'm certainly no expert on AKs or AK kits, so anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt, but for $230 I'd expect a whole lot better for what amounts to a pile of aftermarket parts.
  24. DWells55, what can you say about the sturdiness of the gun's frame/body. I held one briefly a few years ago and I remember it as being very creaky and poorly constructed. The gun seemed to have a lot of flex to it. Has this issue been addressed by the JG variant? The gun that I handled may well have been mistreated, but it didn't seem very solid. Can you comment on this?
  25. I for one think this thread is awesome! I've moved from being a total vestite (?) to fielding belt kit. Recently got all the bits for my Battlelab MOLLE belt. I only wish this thread had been around earlier. I can't wait to see what else others are doing. Belt kit is a great break from CIRAS, MBSS, etc style loadouts. Good work!
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