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  1. WA M1911 Series 80. For the WW2 and Vietnam look. Same as above but with different grips.
  2. What's so negative about laser engraved trades? And could you test if it's compatible (at least mag-wise) with KSC or TM?
  3. ABL desert Jigsaw uniform. Looks damn great, but not *that* easy to come by. I'm sad I sold it...
  4. Punisher's pic shows 'UNITED STATES ... something' on the frame, the others show 'ASGK TOKYO MARUI ...' Although I wonder if the Tercel has copied the TM trademarks... I think the shops might just have uploaded a pic of a TM?
  5. I almost thought that was my pic you posted there xD Too bad I only can afford one of them.
  6. deathrag, with build in safety mosquito net. Most tactical location of the field Or is it? Oh, there were lots of bunkers too STOP! HAMMERTIME! Well... at least ONE decent picture of me (and before I lost my knife): link if the above pic isn't working
  7. Lol, why do you have a Belgian site?
  8. I've seen two ARs with a 7" barrel here. Which one did you use? /edit: to stay ontopic I raise you a pic of my stock G&P XM177E1, with some little weathering.
  9. Me in the background trying to distract the enemy from shooting our water-carrier. In vain. Two of my team dead, me sneaking to the *bramston pickle* that was hidden behind the corner. Me as the water carrier. I'm a zombie hunter. This is the coolest pic of me ever. Tactically speaking, it truly was a *suitcasey* spot. At the radio.
  10. I wouldn't mind an original pic of that one either.
  11. Old crappy secondhand (70 euros...) CA M15A4 with ACM ACOG RDS BBQ.
  12. I just want to add a silver magwell. And a silver slide stop, because I had the black one beadblasted and now it looks blueish instead of silver...
  13. That's, hands down, the best idea for an original rifle I've ever seen.
  14. How could that be... Twist it a few times around the stock and tie a knot in it...
  15. CYMA M14 SOCOM. Too bad it's a little bit too heavy and long for my style of gameplay, because this thing is phenomenal. But I'm selling it to get back to a plain jane M4 (lol)
  16. Oh my... that's easily one of the most beautifull pistols I've ever seen.
  17. Indeed, found it. Fankyou! =)
  18. I asked it before in a technical thread, but nobody cba to answer me, so I'm asking it here again. Would this fit my WA Kimber: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...ch_slide%20stop ? I'm looking for a silver extended slide stop to finish off my Kimber, but can't find any for WAs... But this one here for a hicapa sure looks the same as my 1911 one...
  19. That, sir, is the evil power of a Red Dot Sight. Be aware of it, and protect yer children whilst you can.
  20. Hmm, where can you find a rubber M3 knife? I've been looking for this particular one for a long time now, but all I can find are rubber M9 knifes, or black M3s.
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