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  1. It's gonna be an epic task just to sort through it and see what's what. Every drawer is crammed with tools of varying brands. Loads of snap on in there from what I've seen though. Also, can't wait to fire up the compressor and lark about with the impact gun.
  2. All this talk of snap on. I just got home from the weekend of double wedding hell to find the gf's dad has brought his snap on top box over and gifted me it. It's crammed with 40 years worth of tools, including some immaculate old kit from when he was an apprentice. Also some air tools in a seperate box. He says that the bike lift and roll cab is mine when I've built a garage to put it in. I am beyond moved. Apparently his son has no mechanical inclinations at all so it was the obvious option.
  3. Wedding 2 of this weekend done. Not so bad actually. They had a mead tent. So naturally, I am quite trashed.
  4. I'm at my 2nd of 3 weddings this month. Only 1 of them am I the primary guest, the others I'm a plus 1. And I really *fruitcage* hate weddings.
  5. Theory is that by that point only an enthusiast would own it and it's likely not in regular use.
  6. Bike. Those roads are for bikes.
  7. What's a decent brand of AEG gears? Don't say Lonex. Lonex and I aren't currently on speaking terms.
  8. TM have just teased what looks like a Desert Eagle, so maybe it was running down before the new one?
  9. Been with my other half 6 years this November. Very lucky to have her as she is like myself in that she doesn't want kids.
  10. Sounds like mine. Just today searched for a list of poisons sorted by lethality.
  11. The general acceptance people have of fishing is bloody weird isn't it? If I said I sat at the edge of a field for hours on end, armed with a hook on a rope, then I stuck it through a sheeps face, then let the sheep run about until it was too tired to fight me so I could then rein it in and after which I held it's head underwater where it couldn't breathe while my mate took a picture of me posing with it before I weighed and measured it and let it go you'd think I was a total psychopath. But it's ok with fish.
  12. I usually go for juicebitz cables. Had a few of them now and been very happy with them.
  13. Now that looks like a proper bit of kit. Not sure I can justify it though.
  14. I label everything too. Dymo embossed labels on kilner jars is my kitchen aesthetic. I find they're also ace for marking weights onto speedloaders.
  15. Rooibos is better without the milk, and therefore infinitely better without the soy . Can't beat a good old Assam though.
  16. Surely that's what needle nose pliers were invented for? I got the £20 bargain gun running. 340.9 fps 32.28 rps That'll do I think.
  17. My favourites are the Slingfire (mag fed, lever action) and the Hammershot (5 shot revolver, cocks on the hammer) We've also got a bow, 2 electric semi autos, the big sniper one, the pistol that uses the bigger darts, a revolver which I've stuck a 2x power spring in and a double cylinder revolver. When the kids come round it gets bloody hectic.
  18. Which nerf do you have? We have loads. For when the nephews come round. Obviously.
  19. Back from ground zero. Cracking time despite the rain and a stormer of a win for our team. Also, while there, I picked up an ICS rifle which needed some repairs for the princely sum of £20. Got it home and immediately had a look inside, and found that it's almost entirely Lonex internals and a gate mosfet, just needs a clean and reshim and couple of minor bits and it should be good to go. My 11.1v lipos fit straight in the buffer tube too.
  20. BF1 frustrates me. Mostly when people get in the driving seat of a tank, then just sit there and do nothing with it, wasting it's potential. I assume they're going for a "time driving a tank" medal or something.
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