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  1. I think what he means is some of their steel parts are pointless... I can see no logical reason to have a steel replacement for that particular part in a Kriss, it just seems silly.
  2. You don't really 'do' short rifles do you? Nice gun though man.

    1. hwagan


      Does anyone have a clue what's actually happening with them? Their facebook page is silence, and all I know for certain is they've had a licensing dispute with Kriss.. Gah!

    2. PureSilver


      The licensing dispute was pretty bad. Apparently whatever KWA did, it was enough to lose Kriss AND get half of KWA's US staff to quit.

    3. hwagan


      Yeah, I've heard that too... I just want to know what the deal with KWA actually is, whether or not they're likely to recover or dissapear!

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  4. You, sir, are my new role model.
  5. Also this: http://sat-gunshop.com/pdt_view.asp?sn=310 Totally off topic, but first place I've seen selling a replace bolt for the KWA - Not that my bolt doesn't still look factory fresh, but a swiss cheesed and CQB appropriate bolt would be handy!
  6. Seriously, someone just buy this f!@*ing Mp5 off me. Up yours, non-existent second hand market.

    1. hwagan


      You can move easier and be lighter with a SUPERDYNAMIC MAGPUL AS ALL HELL ULTRACARBINE. I am walking proof.

    2. FireKnife


      I have no Magpul, in fact my pistols come from an era of either swanky suits and classic cars or 80's cheese and sockless loafers :P.

    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Airsoft hipster are you FK?? ;)

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  7. When I stop spending all of my money on Magpul products, I intend to learn to drive and buy a car. Once I've done that, I'll be bolting ranger plates to the door handles for dynamic automobile entry.
  8. 'The tree is hugging this gun, and you hug trees, therefore you must also love guns.' Flawless logic.
  9. The DD MFR is a really nice looking rail, and it also strangely looks very nice when you wrap it in carbon fibre stuff! The Madbull version is actually the only MB rail I've really liked; No problems with the rail spec, the barrel nut went onto a G&P receiver without a problem and there was no FAO mark on it, as well as the gas system fitting in it - If only MB made every rail like that!
  10. Internally it looks exactly the same as the PDW; Hopefully that'll mean pre-existing PDW internals (available from Samoon) should fit in case any bits go wrong. Saying that, the GHK PDW is generally pretty damn reliable, I had mine for about 3,000 rounds and there was no wear to be concerned about in that space of time. When you say the hop is adjusted by a tool, do you mean an Allen key or some sort of pokey device to nudge a wheel or similar? Going on the 'If it's a PDW inside' thing, the hop was my only real issue with it.
  11. Strangely, Madbull's DD MFR doesn't have the FAO marking, and also allows the use of a gas block and tube without modifying it.. It seems they like to vary their degree of 'How much shall we mess up this rail' depending on the model! Entirely fair enough - Although I bet if you asked Samson nicely if they could ship you any other R/S rail they probably would! After using it at the Sandpit all day today, I'm thoroughly in agreement - It weighs absolutely nothing, and the width and smoothed out rail mounting holes make it very comfy to use - Definitely a good investment!
  12. And no 'For Airsoft Only', as well as the ability to use a gas block/tube is always nice. Plus, the fact it says Samson on it makes me feel slightly manlier than usual.
  13. Thanks man - Ridiculously easy install as well! I'm thoroughly amazed at how light it actually is, when I received the box I was actually a little concerned they'd forgotten to put the rail in it before opening it. Again, massive thumbs up for Samson's service 'n all - Noone has an excuse to buy a Madbull rail when you can get an R/S one cheaper! (£121 including USPS Priority from the US, as opposed to £120 + Shipping for a Madbull DD MFR in the UK).
  14. YAY. Madbull can thoroughly go and take a schlong. Also, anyone interested, the KWA barrel nut was fine with the install - Each side of the thermal bushing took a light tap to knock into place, but no issues at all mounting the rail.
  16. Just received my Samson rail, in 6 days, for a total cost of £120. Dodged customs, perfect condition, and man does it look awesome. Plus, free drinks and a stay in a swanky hotel for a murder mystery shindig with work tonight. I almost don't want to go because I want to install my rail instead...
  17. See I *fruitcage* love 90% of the stuff Magpul make, and I generally like the company. I also like baiting Magpul haters and the like for comedy purposes; I wouldn't consider myself a fanboy though, because not everything Magpul makes is mind blowingly awesome and PTS have come out with a noticeable amount of rubbish. 5.11 shades you say? I shall have to google this...
  18. No worries - It's never caused my phone a problem thus far, but I figure if it stays damp for a long time it's not gonna do it any good. Now I just need Magpul shoes and shades...
  19. If you keep your phone in your pocket, keep an eye out for moisture building up in it - I tend to remove the case and dry/wipe down case and phone every week or so.
  20. I was about to copy it, and McDonald's have deleted it from their page. *fruitcage*ers. ..And also turned off the ability to post on their wall. My rant broke McDonald's.
  21. McDonald's. Dip. Short Fries. http://www.facebook.com/McDonaldsUK/posts/554254864597642?notif_t=like
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