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  1. Getting off topic: It seems like a fair ruling given by no definition can you call the central rib of the Alien the slide, but then again it's just a clearly better and more efficient design, if / when more guns adopt this as the norm, maybe they'll change the wording, maybe we'll start calling handgun uppers and lowers instead of frames and slides when that becomes more applicable, and the slide would be the bolt carrier equivalent. Right now, we're cool with this: In any case, the H9 is already dead irl, which killed the appeal for the airsoft version a bit for me, I guess protip is don't go on forgottenweapons when your company isn't bankrupted yet, because at that point you're kinda asking for some bad juju..
  2. It's still allowed for Production Division (which is such a joke when your gun costs $5000), just can't be used with an optic without being bumped to open, but then again people who spend $5k on a pistol probably shoots open anyway.
  3. Ever since the Hollywood thread went to archive we don't seem to have a thread dedicated to movie, games or other popular culture inspired loadouts and collection, which accounts for the majority of the reasons I end up buying airsoft guns..! PUBG collection: KWA Kriss Vector WE x Ghost Island full steel M9 LCT VSS Vintorez Ino 1911 TM SCAR-L SA full steel Glock PPS Kar98 with PUBG style ACOG position (clearly game devs aren't familiar with the concept of eye relief) TM x LCS next-gen recoil M16 John Wick 1 + 2: TM x RA-Tech full steel HK45 (in lieu of P30L) with WT John Wick Comp TM x TH full steel G34 TTI Combat Master Continental chocolate coins...
  4. blobface

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I'm gonna wager it's blue pvc
  5. blobface

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Whoever introduced RC to gas in shell shotgun cartridges: You've made a mistake.
  6. blobface

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    FYI: He said his gun is massively overhopped, even on minimum setting, it shoots way into the sky with 0.2g, with 0.3g bbs and minimum setting, at 20m, aiming for chest ends up hitting the neck of one of those targets.
  7. blobface

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    ^ ?
  8. blobface

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    Pretty sure I posted that mod but I can't even find it myself, maybe the thread was removed for some reason? *I'll redo it at some point and post it here, it was very thin piano wire as oppose to paperclip.
  9. blobface

    Smith & Wesson

    ^ Yeah it's RS, it's always safe to assume the latter when it comes to bladerunner168 Tanaka R8, Marushin m36, WE M&P9 with RA-Tech steel slide.
  10. blobface

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    The 74 is... complicated. It's a KWA ERG AK transplanted into a E&L steel body. The rail is just a bog standard 74 cover with the Tula 10000 stuck on. The SU and 7.62 AK are both GHK GBBs.
  11. blobface

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    Escape from Tarkov edition..
  12. blobface

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Judging from airsoft reviewers based in Japan, I think they just get hold of Taiwanese and Chinese products the same way we get hold of Marui products, if there's something cool, airsofters will always find a way to get hold of them. I wouldn't count on TM to reverse engineer anything that G&P/others have done, I'm always baffled by how often companies start from scratch when they probably don't need to. Look at their MWS, you'd think with decade(s?) of the WA based system that has come so far, they could have just gone off that for both realism and ease of R&D, but no, they pretty much made everything from scratch, and when there are millions of great quality AKMs out there with steel body, they decided to release their next-gen (stop on empty) AK based on the (very old) AK47 with minimal compatibility whether it's hop unit or gearbox.
  13. blobface


    Found this video, seems very promising for DMR all things considered, will have to wait and see how the WE one does.
  14. blobface

    H&K Picture Thread

    It's the correct way of loading a USP 😉 Cycles really well, as with most recent VFC pistols, they are great candidates for full steel builds even on green gas, I have the VP9, the FNX45 and now this.
  15. blobface

    H&K Picture Thread

    VFC USP 9 with ALC stainless steel slide.
  16. blobface

    WE G3

    WE's rate of fire was so low I genuinely thought the test was stupid because he did the VFC in full auto where as he did the WE in semi-auto, then I realised he actually fired the WE in FA as well lol. The VFC's rate of fire is much higher, however there must be some amount of bolt bounce or something because gas was going everywhere and the rate was inconsistent.
  17. blobface

    H&K Picture Thread

    Can't really speak for availability but it was 2700 Hong Kong dollars back when I got it, expensive for aluminium kit but not bad for steel kit, especially given you get irons as well with it. I can ask around if you are interested? They aren't really in shops anymore. *Oh they work amazingly well. Was at a practical shooting event and people used to hi capa race guns tried it and was amazed by how it stood up to that despite being full steel.
  18. blobface

    H&K Picture Thread

    3D printed a compensator for the VP9 on two different steel slide kits, the VP9 Tactical kit, and the ALC ported RMR kit. Will look to get it made in aluminium eventually!
  19. Started a page on some of my projects, will add more stuff slowly! https://www.facebook.com/blobworkshop/

  20. blobface

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    I'm still waiting to see how it stops firing while empty, that's a super cool feature, but is it still a maraca magazine? Having the option for 300 - 400 round "mid" cap with stop on empty would be cool, again, not anywhere near £1k-2k cool, I was going to get this, expected it to be a 10-20% more than the 417, not double lol
  21. blobface

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    W T actual F.com?
  22. blobface

    CZ Picture Thread

    Ha thanks, it's a purely lol build based on a game I've been playing, Escape from Tarkov. *random Google image Since there's no PP-91 KEDR in airsoft, I thought the closest thing was the CZ Scorpion which I already owned, so I designed the mount to go on the Scorpion based on images from the game, and just 3D printed it to replicate it.
  23. blobface

    WE G3

    @Bada Bing Maybe it could prove to be DMR worthy...! Who knows
  24. blobface

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    So I guess there's a reason to use the TM Pro sight afterall, Lancaster (actually, haven't seen him on here for ages..!) just shot it pointblank with a bunch of guns and it didn't break, I'm sure many real steel sights wouldn't last half that
  25. blobface

    WE G3

    Slightly off topic, but Bada Bing, just out of curiosity, when / how do you use guns like this in games in the UK? I usually manage fine with GBBR in SMG / AR / AK format, but once it gets to 7.62x51 style like my M1A, with such low capacity and giant mags, I've never worked out what sort of games to bring them to.

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