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XM8 kit?

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The usual translation from Systransoft:


This time, the electromotive cancer/gun kit of XM8 finally appearance!

With this kit from electromotive cancer/gun G36 of Tokyo [marui] make it can change to XM8!It seems like the how dream which can be used more quickly than the US military!Also the German troop and the US military fan let escape this chance absolutely!

Feeling top rank, efficiency super mediocrity, with [sabage] degree of attention NO.1, who compared to [katsukoii] [ze]!


- Commodity explanation:


Trade name:XM8-K electromotive cancer/gun kit set (as for the electromotive mechanic BOX of G36 it is not attached.)

Price:¥49800 (consumption including tax, postage no charge!)

Manufacturer:GWS custom

Date of arrival:Necessary in your labor assistant before 2004 December 20th arrival!It is the splendid Christmas present!

Production quantity:1st lot limitation 50 set (additional production lack of confirmation) and state:In the midst of production


- Ordering:


(1) successful bid from Yahoo auction,

(2) directly it is order possible with the mail.

Name, ahead dispatching, communication such as telephone number and order quantity.The order sheet which it repeats is issued.

In case of plural orders, you recommend “mail order”.

>>> Group, order of [sabagechimu] and small stand large welcome!


- About the kit:


(1) the Japanese domestic sale limitation, (2) small-numbered production and quantity limitation, (3) simply group equipment possibility,

(4)1:1 actual gun similar size, (5) complete hallmark reappearance, (6) six step expansion and contraction possible stocks,

(7) HOP adjustment possibility


- Contents of kit:


(1) XM8-K barrel complete set and (2)6 inch aluminum outer barrel,

(3) group equipment instruction manual attaching and (4)8.4V1100mA private battery 1 attachment


No comments about "cancer gun", please.

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Ah nuts, when I decided that I want to buy something, THIS had to come out. <_<


Why do all these awsome guns have to come out in Japan. :( Another reason why I want to move to Japan. :D

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I have to admit though... It DOES look like sthe rifles used in Galaxy Quest


"Never Give Up! Never Surrender!"

(looks in wardrobe for Galaxy Quest uniform)

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W00t I actually made it onto an Airsoft news page w00t wooohaaaaa...


Anyways yeah they said I was looking for a middleman...yeah right...kinda went into speaking for everyone in the US mode there...but I'm starting to smell a hoax on these things...


Hah I made it onto the front page of Renegade Recon!

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funny, ive seen at least one of the vids no problem.

quite interesting.


i dont know how much of hoax it is..

speaking to someone from japan, they think its from hong kong, and yeah theyve all heard about it too..

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