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China Made EOTech 551 Replica

July 16th, 2007



Since EOTech’s have been increasingly popular over the years with airsofters it was only a matter of time before somebody released a replica. It was probably the most demanded replica because the average airsofter doesn’t want to dish out hundreds of dollars for the real thing. When HurricanE released their 551 months back there wasn’t much excitement, mainly due to the absurdly high price. As an added bonus they were also available in a set of flashy metallic anodized finishes. Laylax followed suit with a 552 replica that housed a mini battery and functioned and a cheesy red dot. There was such a cry for a replica, but when one arrived nobody wanted it. For those who had the money couldn’t justify spending it considering a real EoTech wasn’t that much more than the HurricanE. But just weeks ago G&P/UFC released their variant which I believe is made form the same unknown manufacturer as the one I am reviewing. However the debut price was substantially cheaper and fully worth every penny. About a week after the release of these Chinese made replicas, HurricanE got their knickers in a bunch and released a statement about their world wide patent of the replica. I highly doubt HurricanE even had the proper licensing to do this, never mind the fact they are angry another company released an exact copy for probably less than half of what they were offering it at.


As an aside the word on the street is 552/553 replicas will be available in upcoming months, so keep your eyes peeled for additional information on that front.


Quick Specs


Circle Dot Reticle (Selectable Red/Green)

Suitable for most standard 20mm rail systems

Windage adjustable

10 Brightness settings

Uses 4x LR44/AG13 batteries





Build Quality and Appearance


Just like most china made optics and other replicas, the quality is high. Metal parts include the protective hood which is anodized flat black, the mount, and the battery release lever. The main part appears to be made of a tough looking plastic and I honestly can’t tell if it IS metal but by feel I’m almost positive it’s just plastic. To sum it up, this replica does not feel cheap and is constructed with nice materials to produce a top notch finish.




Some people have questioned the accuracy of the replica. After digging around for pictures of real 551s, it appears that the windage adjustment cutouts in the hood seem possibly inaccurate. On all picture I have seen so far they are both circles, except on the replica the rear cutout is shaped like an upside down tear drop. No trademarks are currently present on these models. On certain batches the words “forlaw enforcement/military use” appear on the left side, the spelling mistake will be corrected in new batches. Replicas will full trademarks may also be released in the future from Dragon Red Airsoft for added realism.




To mount it, all you have to do twist the thumbscrew until it is loose enough where you can mount it on your chosen rail system. Screw it back on tight and make sure it’s secure. To operate the dot all you need to do is press either the up or down arrows. Once on you can adjust the brightness of the dot by pressing and holding the up/down arrows until your desired brightness setting. To select between red/green dot simply press the NV button. To turn the dot off, press and hold the up and down arrows together for approximately 2 seconds and release.




To replace the batteries all you need to do is pull the lever up and away from the site and the battery housing slips right off. Pull the housing down and upwards to remove. The latch and housing might be a bit tight at first, however you shouldn’t force anything. To reload the batteries, just drop them in the housing and slip the cover back on. This site takes 4x LR44/AG13 batteries




The enjoyable aspect of this dot site other than its great looks is the fact it has such a large viewing window. Aiming with both eyes open is extremely easy compared to other dot sites I’ve used which just seem to obstruct my view when I to do so. Aiming is instinctive and will give you a clear guaranteed site picture indoors or out.


Optics Round-up


Below is a comparison of the EOTech’s size to other existing airsoft replicas.







In conclusion I can honestly say that this is an affordable EOTech replica that doesn’t disappoint. Excellent build quality paired with an great price makes this a purchase you won’t soon regret. After seeing the amount of Aimpoints and ACOGs out in the field it’s nice to have more variety and that 1337 operator look. So go out and get one while they exist!


You can purchase the 551 replica at Dragon Red Airsoft for $99 USD + Shipping


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The reticle is just a circle with a dot, not very exciting, plus I couldnt focus on the reticle for some strange reason. Ill make a photoshop mockup later, or you can goto www.dragonred.com for a picture of the reticle. But its projected like an aimpoint and is NOT holographic.

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I don't know if the one i have (Xinde Optics) is the same as these since i got it from somewhere else, but i find the reticule far too dim to use in daylight conditions in urban outdoors. I haven't tried woodland outdoors yet though.


How would you rate the brightness of this one?

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As an amend to the review, I neglected to take out the dot into the bright noon sun in an open area (not covered by trees). If you use it outdoors in the woodland it'll be just fine because you have contrasting colors and shade, but outdoors completey unobstructed by any trees such as a clearing or open field the dot is pretty much invisible. I have a feeling it has to also do with the lack of an anti-reflective coating on it.

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Thanks buddy,


I agree about the coating. Every other reddot i've used has a red reflective coat to reflect the red LED making everything look blue through it.


I have modded the battery compartment in my one to take 6 batts instead of 4 and it seems to have improved it a little :) though the mod is very "ghetto" haha. I just took some needle nose pliers and twisted off the spacers at the bottom of the compartment.


If you're tempted to try, you can hold the case closed with 6 batts before modding to see if you think it helps :)

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Well its the one linked by the news page so I guess yes.

Edit:Yep it is'


Amazing quality, green/red dot scope in Eotch 551 shape. This is the production version with correct trades and enhanced brightness recticle.




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