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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Really? I have one of each and I LOVE the SOPMOD. It is sooo much more comfortable. It might help that I bought a real one though. :P




I have no doubts it's more comfortable, but I just don't like the looks as much as I like those of 4 or 6 position stock... And if I'd have a RS AR I'd probably go for comfort above looks, but atm I just airsoft so I don't care too much about ergonomics. :P Des goûts et des couleurs on ne dispute pas... :D

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my current collection


MK14 Proto (TM Base)

SR15 E3 (Systema base)


TM 1911


the work on my MK14 is 90% done where as my SR15 needs new cosmetic upgrades such as XTM's UBR stock, MBUIS and an AFG.


the AK is also going to be given the magpul treatment before long. but i need the funds firstly



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Well this is my turn.





Star FN FNC waiting on ARES upgraded gearbox

TM MP5K with RS aimpoint micro H-1

TM M4A1 tuned with Systema parts.

D-Boys m4 CQB-R from starters. now ?

scrath built AKS-74 GBBr

G&P WOC M4 RAS with custom BCG

WE Engraved H&K 416 From Ra-Tech (1 of 20 made)

AGM M4 GBBR custom.

TM M14 with Systema parts.



CA m24 with tightbore and gas cylinder

(well?)gas M700 clone with tightbore barrle and better rubber. does 180m/sec hits a half man sized target at 90 meters



TM Glock. Gold worth :P

TM 1911


KSC USP system 7


think that was all


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This is abit of a mish mash of Jg m4 s-system and an m4a1.

Reason the s-system upper lug broke off makeing it ###### and the gear box is kaput! so just bodged the rail system onto the M4a1 looks alright in my opinion just need to get hold of some black cable ties!


(pics are bad quality and might be massive)







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