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Western Arms M4 CQB-R

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that's right .. modifying RS lowers isn't a problem here. Just want to make my toys as reliable and realistic as possible ;)

I think what Pablo is trying to point out is that while Arnie's is very much comprised of an international community, Arnies itself is UK based. Therefore, as members of Arnies we need to stay within the guidelines established by the administration here. One of those guidelines is that the administration does not wish to have an open discussion regarding conversion of RS receivers to airsoft. While doing such a conversion may be legal in certain countries (such as your own), it is NOT legal in the UK (even if it were, the topic may still be an area that the admin isn't comfortable with, and it is within the admin's discretion to decide what is and isn't ok to discuss). If you really need to discuss something like that there are various other forums that are ok with it. Just not this one.


So basically, regardless of whether or not it's ok for you personally to do it, the admin says to keep it off Arnies and we have to respect that. Being a member here isn't a right, it's a privilege. We all need to keep that in mind more often. ;)



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Dear All,


This is Henry Wang of RA-TECH.

We got new product, RA-TECH WA#2 without o-ring.

Link for pic:



If any of you interest in this, please be free to contact with us by e-mail, thanks! =]

e-mail address:ra.ssh5915@msa.hinet.net


We will present more new product for you at this year!


Best regards,


Henry Wang

RA-TECH Customer Service



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Sorry guys, havent got the time to read through all the 81 pages so here is short:


Which hopup chamber is the best solution ATM for the WA GBB M4? Is the G&P one good enough?


Does anybody have any experience with Ra-Tech hopup rubber or nozzle set?






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Sure is quiet in this thread...


1. G&P Short barrel

2. G&P Metal Body

3. Daniel Defense 7.0 Lite Rail + Magpul rail panels

4. Gemtech silencer

5. Flipup front sight

6. Magpul CTR Stock

7. Magpul ASAP Sling Plate

8. Magpul MIAD grip + trigger guard

9. Larue ECOS-C Eotech riser

9. Larue BUIS

10. Aimpoint Micro T-1

11. Flashlight mount + Surefire G2

12. Troy flashhider













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