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Revolver Picture Thread

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A picture of my revolver collection, not all of them are airsoft some of them are ME brocock revolvers in cal 5.5.

From the top:

Tanaka m29 midnight gold finish and real rosewood grip.

2 times ME single action army's 

ME Bull barrel 4"

ME Bull barrel 2.5" (converted with RS EAA Windicator barrel shroud and grip)

ME 38 Magnum

Tanaka M49 with shooters design metal kit

Tanaka M60  38 Chief special with S&W RS wood grips

Tanaka M60 Ladysmith with rosewood combat grips



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Jesus, finally a model 3! If they push through with it I'll definitely get a pair and can't care less if it were CO2.


Hey uh...it might actually be a model 3. My contact says that they aren't going to work on the 412 yet because there is "another russian break open revolver" that they want to do first.

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Wait, you were hinting at the Rex at first? Other than the Model 3 (which isn't really Russian but had a Russian import version) they could also mean the OTS-38.


Yeah I specifically asked about the REX first because break action <3


They could mean the OTS but I'm pretty sure it's another russian-used break action (so model 3).

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