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Revolver Picture Thread


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Wow, really nice johny_blaze!


They look huge, also loving the randall  :)

?hey are huge, not S&W M500 huge, but still 7.5 inches is a lot of barrel. I have a pair of civilian/quickdraw length barrels but I'd have to get new holsters for those. Next on the list are some grips that are more of a match though. And on that note - if some has some wood SAA grips they are willing to part with - drop me a PM. 

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Got me a Dan Wesson 715 a while back:





And to boot, of-course, a Bianchi 5BHL holster:



And a Don Hume D406 Belt slide:



Some decorative shells:



HKS 10-A speedloaders for the 357 Dan Wesson (works excellently with the airsoft version):


Complete setup with Safariland belt and Safariland J86 350-2 Speedloader pouch:




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