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Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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I'm no photoshop expert but I can't help but notice a slight problem here...  

From the post apoc larp game with airsoft called "Blodsband" in Sweden. 3 day event with 700 people. Pretty much like fallout.   Me and my tribe "Stammen", im the one with feathers in the mask.  

Posted Images

They sure have :D gotta make sure those boys can't run away ;)


A rare sight of me using an AEG:



I always prefer the pics where I'm not posing though:



The more battered the bible gets, the better it looks!


I'm thinking of either Ghostbusters or a pimp daddy for my next loadout :D


These pics were both taken by Nutz.

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Something wrong in that top pic... is that an AK on SEMI AUTO?! :P


You'd be best to cam your forearms up too :)


Yup. I run pretty much only semi with midcaps in most games. It helps that I use a 7.4v lipo with one of my MOSFET units inside and a ultra-high torque motor with neo magnets. Gives me such a snappy trigger response like you wouldn't believe. :D


And now I want to do a priest loadout. Damn it.

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Sort of :D


What I was looking for was a mix between Vash The Stampede from Trigun, and Father Grigori of HalfLife-2. Vash has a crucifix on a chain and I decided to adapt the idea.


A disaffected christian friend sold me the bible (I needed one with a leather cover for the look). I proceeded to take it apart carefully, holepunch it all through, and reassemble on some keychain rings. Chain is something I 'rescued' from a load of old shopfittings, it originally suspended some fluorescent lights.


The bracelet is a bondage handcuff. There is a story behind that, too, but its not for this thread :D

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Few shots of me and our team. Click to enlarge.


These were taken about a week back at our "opening games of the spring".

th_101_3440.jpg th_101_3449.jpg


First is yours truely, second is a pic of our team, minus one member.




This is a picture of the Sigma "ZBU". ;) Our loadout for this Saturday's Zombie scenario.

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Some shots from an event from this weekend (actually the same one Merchant of Venice was at).


Yeah, it was a good time. Going to the next one on the 22nd (this is Adrian, by the way).




Me (background) running to cover.




Sliding into prone, avoiding a stream of BBs.




Unloading a SCAR-L into a rapidly advancing group of enemies.




My primary is dead in the water (small wiring issue), so I reach back under heavy fire as my teammate slides me his AK47




Taking aim with said AK47.




Me and TMOV up on the right flank.




Covering TMOV as he messes with his radio.




Booking it down the trail to the right flank. To out surprise, when we arrived literally 10 seconds after the whistle blew, the OPFOR was already setup to two narrow ditches on either side of the trail, and within 5 seconds all four of us (comprising Alpha team) were dead. The rest of that game didn't go well for our side at all.




Scanning for enemies from a ridgeline.




In the mud pit under the bridge, looking for targets.

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