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Real Sword SVD

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Started with stock spring and mosfet , 11.1V 20C lipo, got ~2J.The range was decent, but i wanted more fps.


Installed SHS m150 spring. This spring was too stif and long and I got some lock-ups. It looked like stock motor was to weak to turn it. It also was a pain to install and it looked like it was sitting in a curwed possition when istalled. After a bit of testing I managed to broke the tooth on sector gear.




Installed a replacment gear and new aluminium piston head from RS (labaled as used with m150 and above).

Also instaled Element hi-torque motor.

Changed the hopup rubber to madbull shark black with fishbone spacer.


Decided that the curve of the spring is not good, and i should cut the spring as suggested here. Installed a guarder m150 spring cut by 1,6cm (to match the original spring length). Got a huge decrease in fps. Crono is now showing 1,2J.

Cycling was quick and crisp, range as expected for such fps, hop-up working as it should.

Decided to dissasemble it once again. Everyting in gearbox looks fine, the air seal of gearbox is very good.


Any feedback if I am doing somthign wrong here? The only idea i have is to get a even stronger spring and cut it again and see what happens?

Can someone recommend the original upgrade RS springs?

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I run mine with a PDI 260% AEG Spring.

It fits very well and is about the same size as the original spring.

This spring will push 2,5J with 0,30g BBs, TM Rubber and a 650mm MB01 Barrel.

And .. the stock motor ist pulling it very good.


Very good setup since i run mine for almost 2years now and never had any issues.

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