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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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Waking this thread up:)


I'm in search of some spare parts for a We M4 and I see that evike has exactly what I need: http://www.evike.com/products/31726/

Problem is that the shipping is 30 usd and I feel that it's a bit much...

Anyone knows where to find these parts elsewhere?

Emailed KIC and WE but still no answer.


The parts i need is:

Part #60 - Valve Hammer Cover Screw (x1)

Part #76 - Fire Control Selector Spring

Part #77 - Fire Control Selector Detent

Part #78 - Bolt Release spring


Any help is highly appreciated

Not sure what your supply line is like in Sweden but for most of the springs I just run normal AR hardware.


I got a little kit of them in this nifty box.





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Dunno where else I would put this so I figure this thread is the best place. Heres a shooting demonstration for the final version of my WE M4 kwc uzi mag conversion. A Colt DOE carbine. still essntially the same as the old 9mm build but much shorter, and with some tweaked intnerals that work a lot better. The only thing I may consider doing now is making a BCG from 7075 aluminum to see if I can get more gas efficientcy out of it. right now its only slightly more efficient then the KWC uzi is. It can get about a mag and a half from one c02 capsule.


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Hey all, got some great news.

Wii Tech is planning on potentially producing new parts, most notably a steel trigger assembly sometime in the next few months. 

Edit: So I'm gathering info on how many people would be interested in getting a set for them. Would anyone be interested?

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hmm mixed feellings with that one.

While I love what WII Tech has done for the WE AK platform (still lacking a valve locker, for whatever reason), I believe WE internals on the AR platform are durable enough, specially anything produced in the recent years. 

So... are they needed? probably not. Still might get some just because the outstanding WII quality 

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I've got a question for the hive-mind, since I have failed to ascertain the information myself:

Just purchased a RA-Tech barrel for my open-bolt WE M4, and since it's RA-Tech the barrel is bridged on the end meant for the hop-up housing:




The question at hand is: Which rubber fits this unholy apperition?

MapleLeaf VSR-rubber was a no-go, and the MapleLeaf Decepticons rubber didn't work either. The seller was of no help either, and since I don't have the time and energy to throw more money at this issue I thought I'd ask around. If somebody knows which hop-up rubber works, and a store that carries it (preferablt European or Scandinavian, but beggars can't be choosers) you'll make me ever so happy!

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Hi all. Having an issue with my WE M4 gbbr. 

The rifle has the angry gun trigger box. Initially I had a light striking issue, which I've solved thanks to nugentNl. But having an issue with the hammer. 

Struggling to explain it, but here goes 

I'm left scratching my head... Trigger box.
I've got an angry gun trigger.
Trigger when cocked is sticking down slightly, and not returning to its correct cocked position.
If I wiggle the hammer it can move to the correct position. Or push the trigger itself forward.
It seems the spring loaded disconnecter needs to move slightly. I have a video I'll upload. 

If anyone can shed some light, that'd be ace! 

I'm thinking the hammer and the sear and getting caught. Or it could be time for a new selector, as it applies pressure on the spring loaded part. 




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I did manage to get one of these to work a while back, after about an hour of trouble shooting.  Its been so long I can't remember what I did.  They are not a drop in solution.  


Lots of dremelling, particularly around the firing pin, the valve locking/disconnector piece and the hammer. 


Basically you need to examine and test everything for smooth functioning.  Make extra spaces so it can move around a bit more.  It has crazy tight tolerances that as soon as temperature changes, or dirt gets in the way it stops functioning.

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Was a drop in fit when I bought it. Ran like an absolute tank for 2 years. 

Moved and stopped playing airsoft, and I've had issues with all sorts of components since. 

I think it's catching on the front piece of the trigger, I know if I file it back to far it then won't hold at all, and will essentially. Slam fire. 

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On 9/30/2018 at 10:53 AM, 3vi1-D4n said:

Its an AEG barrel, You have to grind down the hop window so it would fit the VSR rubbers.


Got a spot of help from NonEx, and have come to the conclusion that I need to invest in a MapleLeaf barrel. Grinding down the bridge to allow for VSR rubbers seems like a bad idea to me.

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1 hour ago, MODDAN said:

Got a spot of help from NonEx, and have come to the conclusion that I need to invest in a MapleLeaf barrel. Grinding down the bridge to allow for VSR rubbers seems like a bad idea to me.

I do it all the time.  Thats how I convert GHK and older VFCs to use VSR hop rubbers.

Also Maple Leaf barrel and hop up sets actually decrease accuracy.


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Isn't it usually the other way round no? :P  

I converted a WE upper to a 9mm Pak once, with a modified inokatsu bolt head and bolt carrier, along with a modified VFC lower, it had some issues ejecting consistently but otherwise it cycled ok

Good work though.  There is a lack of forged lower receivers for the WE M16/XM systems.  You COULD modify a vipertech lower instead.

Though to be honest, isn't most modern receivers are now cast anyways?

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