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.22 bullet found in Fossgate, York


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There is a box of them about 10 feet away from me. Looks like one of those 500 round bricks...




Who the *fruitcage* do I call? 911? I'm scared.






















Someone hold me.









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I'm truly baffled as to how anyone could come to the conclusion to call the police over a bullet lying around. Regardless of the caliber.


In a country where guns are so restricted the majority of the population believe they are totally banned?



It hasn't even confirmed to be live yet, I know loads of "goths" who wear dummy ammo as jewelry.

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I just walked into my kitchen and found a knife lying on the table. Thank goodness the police came and took it away, I have no idea why such a dangerous and terrifying weapon should be allowed to exist.


Maybe I'll get into the news!

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[sarcasm]*sigh* sheeple, another .22 (that appears an inert)was found on Fossgate in York, wow a whole 1.2 miles away from me now... oh well lets get strap on the kevlar to go shopping.[/sarcasm]


Looks like some kids have been buying "kool gunz n stuffz" from "Blue Moon" to "look da bomb an shizz innit".


"Oh noes teh ammoz in teh streetz," while a farmer pops across to the hospital with a shotgun in his nice new landrover... (just across the street from here), I'll keep watching Calendar to see if I can spot myself when the TV crew turn up.

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This made news? Pretty funny, thats taking anti gun to a new extreme.

I like the picture of him kneeling where he found the bullet. You'd think he found a dead body or something.


Local news.


Also, it is only a few months after two particularly large shootings, one resulting in a nation-wide manhunt. So, of course, members of the public are liable to overreact.

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