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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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You ever see those Chinese PMC AKs for sale at your local airsoft store and think to yourself "God, that's just some tasteless cancer, but there is some potential to the idea!" No? Just me?


Well, here's my take on the "Contractor's Personal Weapon." A little bit of classic styling, a little bit of modern, some Russian and some American, a touch of civilian and a touch of military.






Excternally, it's a Spartan Delta full steel body with wood furniture refinished with ebony stain and plenty of lawyer by me. Zenitco rails with a PTS Shift foregrip and Chinese T1 ripoff(I'd rather buy a thirty dollar sight and not have to put an ugly sight protector on my gun than buy a real one and worry about it getting shot out) and to top it off I'm using a PTS pistol grip. From there, an Angel Custom drum mag for extra lols, and, not pictured, a woven paracord sling. The flashlight is not a permanent addition, but might go on for indoor or night games.


Internally, the Spartan Delta garbage is all but gone, other than the quick change gearbox shell and some nonessential internals. The gearbox build was mostly done from my parts bin, so I'm not 100% sure about the make of all the airseal parts, but it has a steel tooth lightweight piston, SHS 13:1 high speed gears and a Lonex Titan in the box, with a RetroArms hopup unit, Madbull Black Python 6.03 barrel and a G&P rubber and nub, for now.

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As I remeber CA 30' midcap internals... shortened to fit in.


Have RS AK63 handguard, compensator and NGM flash hinder, converted NGM 5.45 (or 5.56, but I think ist 5.45... :unsure: ) magazine, and one RS FÉG 7.62 needs to be converted; LCT wood needs refinishing (no stain, no lacquer, just lindseen oil, and some beeswax maybe), soo some more pictures will come in the future...

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So i really wanted to change the plastic wood-like furniture on my TM NGRS AK47 but it turns out that TM have made the handguards 3mm longer than the real thing so after a bit of thinking I tried something new for me.

 I bought some wood effect sticky backed vinyl and using a heat gun added it to the plastic furniture. I didn't turn out too bad and the vinyl comes in different wood types if anyone is interesting in trying it.





I didn't add the vinyl to the pistol grip as that would have been too difficult.


So I'm happy with it but I have an idle 3D printer and thought to myself "What I need is a top rail for my AK" and since none exist for the NGRS I decided to make one in Sketchup.




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Oh, my! Saw those motor+grips on facebook the other day and i knew two things, I wanted one and that I feared their price :lol:


Just kidding! how do you like those motors? are they on par with high end regular sized motors? =D


They seem to be good. I've just ordered another 2 as I really like the size of them and fitting is a breeze.

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