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Casshern, I totally agree that it's just a game, but I definitely miss the skirmishing in the UK. Whilst I have got good groups of players I play with over here, I find the mindset is definitely more"I have to win because I am better than other people" whereas in the UK the majority of players were much more concerned with having a laugh and enjoying themselves. Add to that how many of the sites in Hong Kong concern themselves with just squeezing as much profit as possible out of the players and not at all concerned with the upkeep of the site or even hiring marshals...


Yeah there are a few geardos who seem very concerned with winning. A lot of them really think they're in the military too.

I didn't really play enough in the UK to really be able to compare. I played at Firezone once and the players there were top blokes. But I've met a lot of great airsofters over here too. The CQB place I play at is incredibly professional, and as you can see from the videos, they consider themselves a 'luxury' venue that really takes care of its customers and ensures everyone is having a good time.

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@Mack Bolan: Thanks, I'll keep it in mind   Today, most epic CQB  

Hey guys.  I’ve just released my TM G19 GBB review. Hope you like it Cheers      

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The problem in HK isn't that common in my experience, and I've heard of cheating in plenty of other places too, but DarkLite has a point.


Basically in HK, most of the players I've experienced are in their mid thirties. This means they work middle to lower management in a bank somewhere - HK is just banks and bankers through and through. What I see is guys who are trying to be competitive in their workplace to get ahead, but essentially do as they're told, getting little reward for the hard work they put in. They are encouraged to try to beat each other, whilst all the time looking up at their super rich superiors who seem to have it all. Then they go home and play modern warfare.


When it comes to airsoft therefore, they want to win. They want to be the best, as they are encouraged to be at work. They want it to be as easy and inconsequential as modern warfare. They don't appreciate the commeraderie, which died after high school ended, and they don't appreciate just having a laugh, because that's what they do when they go karaoke. They're nice guys - they just need to learn to relax.


Just my observations - no stereotyping intended.

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It's just part and parcel of the culture in Hong Kong. Everyone is taught from a young age to be as competitive as possible, get the best grades possible, get the best job possible, get as many cars add possible etc.


And so when people play airsoft here, that is how they play. And that is why there is so much cheating, because they simply must win all the time, and every possible advantage must be taken. If the rules state 1.5J, use a 1.9J gun, no one will check. Got hit by a single, well aimed shot? Don't take it unless the rest of the hicap follows.


And even more unfortunately, this leads to lots of other players getting frustrated and resorting to exactly the same behavior just to remain competitive.


But back on topic. Unfortunately my GoPro bricked itself ten days out of warranty. Should I get a GoPro three or stick with the hero two?

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Casual Sunday skirmish, nothing fancy, team death-match 14 vs 14,



I'm often thinking how should I edit the videos. If you just cut out the action, all situation awareness is lost. Normally you wait as long as possible to take that essential shot and  the "killing" action is like 2-3s long. With all these wide angle cameras its actual hard to see anything pass 30m, especially if the person is hiding or only showing his weapon and head. Our normal woodland engage distance is like 35-60+m. In CQB thats a different story but we sadly don't play a lot of CQB here.    

If you edit just this situations a 10h game play is reduced to about 5min of FPS COD or speed-ball action that just doesn't look right. Also you miss a lot of crucial things that makes airsoft what it is.You miss the target identification, most of tactics, adrenalin of sneaking through woods or making an ambush and of course all the funny radio chatter or team mates making jokes and such.

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Yesterday was the first game I've actually been able to attend for just over 3 months, spent a couple of games running these for the first time.


I don't tend to actually press the trigger very much (roughly 500 BBs that day total) and the angle of the lens doesn't really support a person who's looking down an optic I must admit.  Interesting product though.




Somehow I just need to figure out a way of aiming (without just spraying BBs) that lets me keep my head up.  Not sure that's possible without using a laser for CQB and I've no idea when it comes to woodland.  Something to ponder.


Might just end up getting a helmet cam, but I only really like the perspective on the GoPros mounted in place of NODs and hate the great big swing arm you have to use for that purpose...

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TM M14 Shooting Test



TM SPR M4 Overview:






TM 600fps G3 Overview







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