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GHK G5 First Impressions.

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But it is possible to get the G5 carbine to shoot in the 330 FPS range? Would be nice with .28 to have around 330 FPS for a 1.5J limit on the Fields around me.




Thanks for the heads up, i think i will go with that and see where it'll take me. I've heard rumours of the carbine-kit beeing discontiued. Better grab one fast, i think.


Considering the pretty hard recoil, what kind of optics do you use on your g5s? I could imagine the Eo-Tech/Aimpoint/whatever clones may break sooner or later due to the kick...


1.5 J is 400 FPS (with .20s). Carbine kit with the stock nozzle and stock barrel should get you there.


I've run it no probs with a 1.25-5X VisionKing scope that has such an awesome eye relief that it can double as a red dot (kind of like the S&B ShortDot).

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I forgot to share you some pictures of my new paintjob:   And even if it's not 100% linked, I finished my new loadout video with which main gun? The SRU GHK G5 of course! You can see the G5 durin

So with  GHK G5 in my hands its time for a quick first impressions. This will be a bit of a wall of text as my camera was not paying ball, nor do I own a photo studio like just about everyone on the A

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Well, if it's 400 FPS with .2 BBs which combines to around 1.5J, it will be a much higher energy if i use heavier BBs.

Nevertheless, i hope the 1J bolt can reduce it to a playable level. Otherwise, maybe a littlebit shorter innerbarrel will bring the desired FPS drop.

Anyways, thanks for your help!


The VisionKing Scopes sound realy nice. I think it's pretty much the cheapest short dot clone i've seen so far.

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RedWolf just posted this on Facebook:




Action CNC Aluminium 7075 Bolt Carrier for GHK G5


I'm worried by this quote from the product page:


The bolt carrier of the G5 has been known to break even though it's after a thousand or so shots.


Is that true? I've heard exactly 0 reports of that happening. More replacement aftermarket options never hurts though, I'd definitely go with this over the RA-TECH steel one. It's pretty cheap, too (makes we wonder if it really is CNC machined 7075 aluminium...).

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Hey guys, I've just picked one of these up.  From the few shots in my room it's epic.


What do you use to adjust the hop though?  I tried using a flathead screwdriver but the hop wheel seems insanely stiff and I'm breaking the plastic of the wheel before it moves.


To change the hop adjustment so far I had to take the whole thing apart, take the hop out, adjust it and put it back in.  Which of course means i have no clue if it's set right or not.  And I doubt very much I'll be able to do that at the game tomorrow lol

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well, used it for a couple of game days now, seems to be losening up a touch.  To adjust it in the mornings before chrono i've been taking the side screws out and pulling the whole barrel assembly out, adjusting it carefully and then holding it in to see if it's correct.  Bit of a pain tbh.  Still need ot use a flathead to adjust it, this way it's just a bit easier to get to it so I can make sure I'm not breaking plastic to move it.


Next step i think i'll take it apart and try and work out where it's compressing so much to cause the stiffness.

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Two easy ways.

First look at the bottom of the stock retaining pin - the MK2 has a c/e clip where as the MK1 does not.

Second way - pop up the upper (as if going to remove the bolt).  AT the back are three slats.  If they are all the same size it is a MK2, if the middle one is noticeably shorter, it's a MK1.


Additionally there should be a rubber inside the back of the bolt assembly unit - if there's an indent there it's a MK1, however if one is there it could be either.

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