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SA80 Picture Thread

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Don't want to  be a jerk, but I think this may be applied to this thread....




I'm going to have to agree with you there.


If changing anything on an L85 is a blasphemy, then what is the point of this thread? Might as well just stick the pictures from STAR's page, since all the weapons are going to be the same. If I can't somehow modify my SUSAT, I can guarantee you I will be changing it with an ACOG. I will also be doing what Sid did and adding a flash light, only underneath.

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Thought this thread might be a good place to request some SA80 piccies i need...



Im trying to find out what the markings are like on the Star SUSAT replica (on the underside??)


I've had a look round but not managed to find any pictures of any markings. I'd also be interested to see any pics of the markings on a real-steel SUSAT to see how they compare...


If anyone can provide me with some pic's it will be +1's all round ;)



Also, im trying to find somewhere that sells dovetail->weaver rail adaptors, to allow a Star SUSAT to be fitted onto a standard weaver rail... (for a friend's custom project idea)



Cheers :)

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not sure if they are still avaliable, but I purchased a 19mm dovetail from ebay. it costed about £5, and was identical to the star dovetail rail. the sellers name was - kelvinlou. try signing in to ebay and asking him about them.


hope this helps



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