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SA80 Picture Thread

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Cool shots, Schneider. Looks like a fun skirmish site.


Pilman, how does she shoot?


Haven't shot her yet. I'm using my brothers HPA tank which is a 4500 psi tank 68 CI. I've got to get a regulator for it, i'll be ordering that monday and I'll try her out :) . Shes definitely a beauty though. Good thing it's using Asahi m16 magazines, there a lot easier to find then the MMC l85 magazines.

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A L85 should only either have a Susat or Iron sights..Anything else and it ruins it.


Don't let the Army hear you say that :P




Common Weapons Sight (CWS)




A rare mount for the old Image-intensifying Weapons Sight (IWS). The mount clips onto both iron sight mounts.


Both real steel however, and sure beat my plastic springer kit I bought about 20 years ago.

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my l85 carbine is almost sorted.

hurricane high speed gears

tm piston (the best for upgrades)

G&G explosive piston head

TM EG1000

6.04 TN barrel

9.6 3600mah battery (custom)

king arms silencer

its also had a paint job to get rid of that abysmal shine

only thing i'm still waiting on is a real SUSAT :P


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