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Pictures of your Gear

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these are from when i was home on R&R from Iraq Jan of last year


my M14 Loadout with shotty backup









Contractor look (im the one on the far left bottom whit the m14 licking my boom mic)




this was from a game in November of 05 ;)



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Well, nothing great, just me working at my local surplus shop in Barcelona. It was this saturday, during "Carnaval" some sort of halloween.


You had to see how everybody stared at me when they entered the shop.... lol






Should have followed them around the shop repeating, "Don't even think about it!" :D

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My Police gear for my teams load out, nearly got everything I need now!




The SG/1 needs some conversion work to make into the type the Met police use, but finding a PSG/1 stock = difficult!

Bloody hell Matt :o

Dare I even ask whats next?

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