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Probably the last few pics of me in my CIRAS for a long time (Just bought an ACU Armour Chassis that will be it's "replacement").










About as happy as a Cadet can get I think. I can't wait till I get my Armour chassis though. Anyone know where the best place to get a Combat Shirt though? I can't even get em on base, the few guys that DO have them are Engineer majors, and they ain't selling.


Anyway it's a full set of issue ACU's, Bates Boots, Blackhawk KEVLAR SOLAG gloves, PC, Eagle Industries CIRAS Land Type (OD), Issue ACU kneepads (no idea who makes them) ESS shooting glasses with clear insert. The weapon has an Aimpoint M68 which, after grouping target's at 200 meters at exactly the weapons max MOA (6 inches) at that range, it get's my two thumbs up as a quality optic. Also the battery stuff isn't true from what I saw. We shot two days in a row and a few guys left theirs on all night, with no problems the next day.


Anyway goodbye CIRAS, hello Chassis.

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rngr cptn acs' are only getting issued to deploying units but if you have a cac card you can get them directly from massif for about 120


I do have a CAC card lol... where is this site that I can get an ACS from? So far from what my fellow cadets have told me there's only two ways to get it; go skydiving with the COM or major in Engineering, neither of which I'm going to do...

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My new rig (just got it today care of uscmCorps), this will get a bit modified (a few more patches) but this is roughly what I'm gona be using from now on... unless the army switches to a new camo before 2014.

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Thanks Mic. Im not 100% satisfied yer i need to put a bladder in the hydro pouch get a few blood type and no pen patchesre attach my goggles to the helmet get a genuine chinstrap and a pad set for the helmet and add a left handed drop leg holster then i think i should be satisfied.



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I've got a Serpa holster to go on my chest MOLLE.I'll have to see about relocating the admin pouch or get one with MOLLE already on it.I'm gaming this weekend with the Serpa on my chest loops so i'll see how it goes.If it doesn't work out ,i have a blast belt i got from Bozza which i could attach pouches to so i can move the holster about.I'm hoping to skirmish enough this winter to end up getting my final configuration worked out before next summers big games.

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Wouldn't want to anyway. Spent $950 on it and I don't wana destroy it once I get incountry. I do plan to use it for FTX's and airsoft though. And btw there are plenty of officers that use none issue (NOT OTV's) in combat all the time. Some of my fellow graduates who branch infantry and armor use all sorts of rigs, the only consistent rule seems to be ACU and not over the top (armour chassis being WAY over the top) but we see grad's coming back who used Blackhawk Harnesses, chest rigs, Wee/Wasatches and the like.

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