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Well, also keep in mind a vast majority of airsofters, me included, don't think camo matters much with airsoft. And will wear desert camo in woodland for milsim sake.



Well, I happen to think that it does so that is why I won't be wearing my ACU for woodland games. If it's a part of kit restrictions then I will have to but I'd rather use DPM or Woodland MARPAT or even some Russian patterns that I found to work alot better, even at closer ranges that airsoft operates at. I've not tried to force other people to do this so it shouldn't really matter what some people believe as my comment was about what I am going to do.

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The local private games always have signup sheets with various camo requirements, and I bought a set of cheap ACUs so I'd have more options to join whatever side was short-handed. Eventually it evolved into an all-over UCP hot weather loadout.


UCP patrol cap and multi wrap

UCP trousers and TRU combat shirt

UCP 7 pocket chest rig


Not very milsim but quite practical for airsoft. I only wear it occasionally, but every time I do someone on the other side comments on how hard it was to see me.


I know it doesn't work in most environments, but when it does blend in it REALLY blends in. I don't personally like ACU but I'm tempted to complete the loadout with some foliage boots, gloves, goggles, and a UCP weapon wrap and hydration carrier. In dead brush with the sun streaking through the trees and among rocks and gravel the pattern is very effective, and the tan or black bits stand out.


I played paintball with some old friends last week and loaned one of them my ACU jacket--it was damn near invisible against the mottled grey of the paint splattered walls.

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If you look at my last photo on page 74, minus the fact that I am in the front of the wedge, I am still by far the most easily visible person on my team. If you use OD gear with ACU I'm sure you will blend in 110% better. but all in all, Woodland is still one of the best (and affordable) camo patterns out there today for airsoft. ACU is just so darn Tacti-Cool though. :lol:

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I know the weapons is just wrong, but Oh well......


I'll get a new AEG on the end of this year, but i cant decide between a M4 CQB ou a SAW PARA.


Anyway...there it goes...my ACU Loadout.




Cheers ;)


Thats pretty kick *albatross* man, very professional looking.

But I don't think I can actually spot any mag pouches...

Tell me I'm wrong!

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Last loadout I'm making for awhile.










I'm very happy with it. Eagle CIRAS land type w/:


2x Eagle Double M-Type Magazine Pouches

1x Eagle Radio Pouch

1x Phantom ( pre change to Pantac ) Flashbang Pouch

1x Eagle GP Pouch

1x Eagle Medical Pouch


1x Monkey Patch Panel


Standard issue ACU's, patrol cap w/ Sewn on Captain rank (bite me), authentic Shemagh, Blackhawk SOLAG Kevlar gloves (BK) standard issue ACU boots. ESS SPEC OPS goggles not in picture (in GP pouch) for during matches.


I actually like the reverse mount SERPA, I find it much easier to draw my pistol and it's not that hard to replace (it does take both hands though). At the very least it lets me have a sidearm not on my chest or legs (I had drop legs). An overall very comfortable loadout though.

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Nice to see someone else with the WWJBD patch. Looks awesome superhobo. CRCH? Ive come to the conclusion ACU only looks good when dirty (In your case, dusted with tan)

Definitely an epic patch.

It's an Eagle RRV, and yeah, I dont like the look of brand new ACU, but this aint bad.



I think its the non-plate carrying Eagle Rhodesian they sell for like $60. Intended to be worn over the IBA/IOTV.

This one in particular is actually the normal plate carrying version.

My previous two ACU RRVs were both the non-PC $60 variety, don't even know when I bought them, it's just when I see eagle rigs for such a good price, it sets off a little bell in my head.

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