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funny pics from the net


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I have a feeling some of them may be deleted, but heh - I found 'em funny :P


I have 100s of these, and approx. 0% of them are suitable for posting here :P


it am called pr0n isnt it HaVoC_MaN


and to dafool, thats just lame and taking the ###### out a respected member...

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Dafool- Havoc_Man please take a step to your right


* Havoc Man takes a step to the right*


Dafool- A bit more.. On that target please thank you


Havoc_Man- There is that okey


Dafool- Yes


Dafool- Okey you can fire the A-bomb now


* A bomb blows-up on HAvoc_Man*

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You dont get it hav0c, you arent american or californian -___- it would be like commenting on some guy who is important in brittish goverment who was a famous actor (is that even possible? lol) who wasnt tony blair and expecting some american to understand a silly title

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