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funny pics from the net


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a women goes to a doctor sayin she has not had sex in a while and asks if the doc has some thing for her he gives her some sex pills and tells her to put one in her husbands drink so she does this and they go at it like rabbits that night the next night she thought wot would happen if she put to in and it was great the next night she thought hell with it and put the whole lot in. the doc comes a few weeks later and asks the boy out the front how his mum is he says "mums dead sis ran away the maids pregnet my asre hurts and dads in the shed filing his ###### down sayin the parrots not gettin away with it that easy



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This is a PG-13 web site

By this, we mean that the following things are NOT allowed to be posted on the forums...


    * foul or obscene language (there is a language filter that will block most profanities. Deliberately mis-spelling words to get past the language filters will result in your post being edited or deleted)

    * references glorifying or inciting drug-misuse

    * references glorifying or inciting criminal behavior or violence

    * images or videos that contain profane language (swearing)

    * images or videos of graphic violence

    * images or videos of an adult or graphically sexual nature

    * images or videos that show drug misuse


i have quoted the rules so i hopefully wont get moaned at as much

this pic had been sprayed so it hopefully :unsure: does not go against the rules

(if it does i will remove it)


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In a Google Image Search for 'spoiler', both of these abominations turned up...






The second one is most amusing, and will promptly be turned into a flame pic.


EDIT: Done. Now find me a newbie to flame... :lol:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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