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  1. Thats the only stuff that they have at my local store.
  2. Here's my M933 painted with that new Krylon Fusion. OD & Tan with actual in game wear.
  3. Nice review, very descriptive. For anyone that's interested in buying it. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=23628 ^Save some money while you can.
  4. Nice review. I wasn't able to find anywhere else in the US that sells these particular parts. But Airsoft 1 does sell the Silent head.. but surprisingly nothing else. http://www.airsoft1.com/Element-Silent-Pis...d-p/in-0808.htm
  5. Man, I see a lot of M4 variants out there. Gotta spoil myself one day and go.
  6. Nice review, very in depth as usual. Good Job.
  7. But on a more serious note, can't wait for the results on the review.
  8. Nice review man, NVM just read your post on Trader
  9. Nice gearset. The cylinder set you can get at Airsoft GI. Just re-branded by Echo 1. Good job Fareast
  10. Nice review, it was something new. I liked it. Gary B.
  11. Great Review Darklite! You made me chuckle every now and then with the jokes and all. Good job on the review it was very in depth. As a suggestion for a future review from me would be the ELEMENT Upgrades. There seems to be a lot of interest in them but so little info. Thanks, Gary B.
  12. Eh.. 2500 with one drum and two you can squeeze 5000. But I cut down one drum to save ammo also. Gary B.
  13. Well folks I said that I'd get a new pic of my MP5, so here goes. The gun itself has gone through some. Instead of having both drums as reservoirs I only made the right side functional. The left one houses a 9.6v 1900mah battery. It also evens out the weight a lot. In the front I put an extra rail to mount a PEQ box just incase you want 2 drums. I also painted most of the gun Flat Black to get rid of the shininess. I've also worked on the internals here and there. Great CQB gun. But she's for sale now Enjoy. Gary B.
  14. Thanks for another great review Fareast. Gary B.
  15. Heres a very old pic of my UTG Mp5.. -Custom Drum mag -Custom Silencer That was the old ######... I've kinda changed it a bit now. I'll see if I can get a pic soon. Gary B.
  16. Wow, nice review. I like your pictures, good quality. Gary B.
  17. I've had experience with the SRC method with the metal clips... They aren't too reliable. Ended up taking them out because they would only get in the way. Gary B.
  18. I think it's a mid cap. Gary B.
  19. I'm the first to say, "That is a sexy beast." Wow, great job. Gary B.
  20. Nice review, always wanted an Mp5. Gary B.
  21. Hahah, nice correction. But yea man nice review, did you ever upgrade it? I'm stuck between getting this or either the MP008 M14.
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