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  1. Jagdraben, what does that mean?

  2. :D

    You have too many comments...

  3. Never mind, you don't look like him at all. You wouldn't happen to be some sort of secret agent, would you?

  4. Remove that avatar immediately. It's making me question my sexuality. :(:P

  5. Where've you been man? I miss your knowledgeable posts and cynical old-fart comments. :(

  6. Who's the chick in your avatar?

  7. Duuude. Just thought I'd say hello.

  8. Okay back in the will. You're probably not going to be able to get more than a few guitar picks though. :)

  9. I might be alone on this, but I think you look a lot like Simon Pegg. Maybe it's just the facial hair?

  10. Click-clack-click-clack-click- Spoon Man, come together with your hands Click-clack-click-clack-click Save me, yea-ah. //Soundgarden

  11. You make some really killer GTA weapon models/textures, man. :)

  12. "You have just become conscious of your breathing. Enjoy."

    You suck. :P

  13. Your avatar, what is it from?

  14. Whoa! You changed your avatar...

  15. Thank you! You're a great buyer yourself.

    I hope you have fun with it. :)

  16. A 19-year-old reaches 9,999 posts (9 per day) on Friday November 9th.

    This is weird...

    Congrats, Lance, the user with the highest "legit" post count. :)

  17. When did you become a mod?!

    Anyway, congratulations.


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