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  1. Lol, the Dodge thing is a joke...know the saying "Time to get the hell outta' Dodge,"...well, I don't like CA, so to me, CA is my Dodge.

    At least that's how I think the saying goes...

  2. Walther Lock

    19 Apr 2008 - 9:55


    19 Apr 2008 - 9:53

  3. ...I asked you a question. :P

  4. <3's Palmers Pursuit Shop

    1. X Lupin

      X Lupin

      You're doing classic business now? Attaboy

  5. A condom silencer, aye? Good idea...as an M4 w/AIDS is just silly!

  6. Agree with you completely on the subject of PTWs.

  7. And on that note, Happy Birthday.

  8. Arnie_o?? Imposter!

  9. Auto updates am suxx0rz

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