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Pictures of your gear V3.0

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Hmm this reminds me of an argument from a week ago...


I don't think it's an argument at all. I think it's the same PC, just with a flash on one. I know for a fact when I photographed my MJK CIRAS it could look green in one photo and tan in another.


It's a nice rig.

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This one's the LBT 6094A protoype version. It's color is slighly khaki-greenish than the current versions from LBT's coyote tan. Under incandecent lamp and no flash makes the vest so brown, while the typical white flash of the camera shows real color. Of course, most of our cameras have auto white-balance to correct lighting conditions, I photoshopped both the shots to get close to what the eye sees. Maybe even our eyes have built-in auto white balance. Not sure hehehe.


The admin pouch is model 6064A. The seller said it was rare light tan. I've seen these on a few stores online but the version is B and they come in OD, CB, CT, etc...but no light tan (LT). The radio pouch is 6061A in LT as well. It's like the pouch attached to the LBT1961A.


As for the mythical vest...I just want to thank you guys for the concern.


As for the other mythical vest that kept changing colors, It's the government's prototype camo that changes colors on command :D

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Hey Guys, i copied this picture a while back so i could refer back to it. However i cannot find out what kind of vest it is. I saved it as polish vest, but that is all i know. If anyone can give me any info i would appreciate it. Im looking for the name of the vest, camo pattern and a place to get one.


Thanks Everyone.



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