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Glock Picture Thread

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

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Is that a thread protector? If so, where can I find one?


Yes sir it is...I bough the whole barrel though.




On just the cap, I've seen them somewhere but will need to find it. Not sure if its CW or CCW though. Detonator sells one in CW:



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So after a little more research, I've found that a lot of front sight adjustment tools are not designed to fit the Glock 34, so its likely that the issue I'm having is based on my tool and not Guarder's work. While I search for a better tool, I found that the Marui front sight fits and screws in with no problems.

Also, I finally got my Marui Glock 17 in, and with some white lithium grease the slide is cycling quite well on green gas. I have a fair amount of parts to install, but so far I've had no fitment issues with the Guarder slide. Keep the Guarder rear sight and use a Marui compatible front sight, and you'll have a very easy to assemble Glock 34.


Now I do constantly hear that I should leave Marui internals alone until something breaks, but would it be worth installing my Guarder loading nozzle and Firefly rocket valve now to help improve gas efficiency?


Oh, the one issue I am having so far is that the slide is catching on some part of the hammer assembly when pulled all the way back. The gun shoots and slide locks fine, but often when chambering the slide is getting stuck.

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I loaded them to real cap as that's how I usually load them. Both mag were 15 rounds. The 2nd mag was just not recharged as much. I shot quite a few times to get something thats usable video wise(sad I know, lol).

Glock 17, not quite fully up to date, and shot with cellphone instead of GoPro:



Glock 18, I don't own this anymore....also cell phone...


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My latest finished Project!

A tuned HK/WE Glock 18C GBB:




The stock WE G18C Selector scratches the Slide making it look like here:



That's why I used a TM G18C Selector! It even looks better then the WE.



The only downside is the missing pin on the back of the slide. WE hasn't included it and the Phoenix Steel Slide also doesn't feature the G18 pin!



But I really like the finish of the Slide. Much more as my Guarder G18 Steelslide!

This is a keeper!




HK G18C (With Marking, BK) Based

Phoenix CNC Steel Barrel & Slide Set for WE/Marui G18C GBB

Guarder Parts: Blank Serial No. Tag & Steel Magazine Catch

GunsModify Parts: CNC Steel Extended Slide Lock (BK) & Zero Hammer

Pro-Arms 6.01mm Steel Inner Barrel

5KU Steel Recoil Spring Guide

NINE BALL Air Seal Chamber Packing

SA Parts: Steel 200% Enhanced Strong Muzzle Spring, Steel 200% Enhanced Strong Recoil Spring & 150% Enhanced Trigger Lever Spring

T.S.C. CNC Aluminum Hop-Up Chamber for Marui G17/G18C GBB

AIP Steel Hammer Parts





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NICE! I have the same kit on one of my 18Cs. Couple of questions if you don't mind.


Noticed on your pictures that the fit of the slide is perfect; no gap between the slide & lower frame. Did you use an HK3 or a WE as a base gun? I've noticed a difference between the fit and finish between the 2 brands with HK3 clearly being better. Even on the YT videos from Phoenix Custom about the kit, one can hear the play between the slide and the inner frame rails.


Also, aside from the mods/upgrades, was your Phoenix kit a drop in fit?


Thanks for your time!

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It's a HK3 base gun. There shouldn't be a gap between the Slide and the Lower. A gap is only common with the Gen4 Lowers.

The Phoenix Kit was a drop in fit. I just had to remove one silver pin of the CNC Hop-Up. Because the steel barrel does block this pin.

Sorry for my bad english.





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I agree about the gap. Almost every WE G series 17 & 18C that I've handled pretty much is sloppy OOTB. Still a solid pistol but being that I'm somewhat OCD, its irritating to say the least. I'm using a WE as the base gun with my Phoenix kit. I also had to file a tiny slanted notch on top of one side of the BBU housing to clear an indentation inside the Phoenix slide (not present on the WE or HK3) or it would pinch the housing. I found this the hard way when the badly designed WEak nozzle broke.


Your English is perfect mate and I again, thank you for the info. :)

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A little update on my KSC G19.

I stripped the paint and added a G&G threaded barrel, mostly for the looks though. A couple of months ago I ordered an Ameriglo suppressor height frontsight but it seems it's stuck somewhere so I might have to look for a new one.

The gun has around 1000 shots through it and it works !! especially when running NVG :D




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