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Real World Sniper Pics

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What are these guys wearing? I know its kind of hard to tell, but if anyone wants to take a stab at it, please do!


Isnt it just Desert Auscam?


I meant kit-wise.

Well apart from the already ID'd desert Auscam (DPDU) it would look like he's wearing either SORD or Plat a tac kit, both widely used by Australian forces. Personally I'd lean more towards SORD; however the two pics you posted are of different snipers (one wearing CIRAS-like body armour, and the other wearing a chest rig with rear hard plate carrier) so it's difficult to pin down all the kit.


What is visible kit-wise on chap 1 is a hydro carrier, a large(ish) utility pouch and what might be another - smaller - utility pouch mounted on the back. Chap 2 has a hydro carrier and what looks like a double mag pouch and a grenade pouch mounted on the back panel and a large(ish) utility pouch on the end of the chest rig that's under his right arm.

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It is a VVS 'Vintorez'. It is classed as a sniper weapon but operationally it is for pin point hits at normal rifle ranges as opposed to long range 'sniper' shots.




Love the picture of the guy in the helicopter! Is that one of the RAF lot that they deployed in Basra?




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I have an awesome picture of royal marines on board a lynx on of them has a Accuracy International AW-50 with an EOtech on it i kow not for a snipers role but it looks mint and to be even more annoying i cant upload it now just about to go away and i will have to scan the pic form augusts issue of NAVY NEWS would it be alloud??

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couple more of my Battalion in Afghan at the moment

First one is the Sniper who i mentioned in the DPM thread has 47 (at the time of writing) confirmed kills.



Second is one of the American snipers they have working with them



My boys are the scruffiest badasses ive ever met.

Makes me proud to be a GreenJacket.



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