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CADPAT Picture Thread

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MIDMA did you get some reference for your impression and if so where can I find them as well I am looking for some good shots for an illustration I want to do of a JTF-2 operator.




You can fid information here:


- http://www.france-airsoft.fr/forum/index.php?showtopic=93652 (French airsoft forum)


- http://jtf2-reenactment.forumactif.net/ (I am trying to make a forum, please be indulgent, not easy)


Go to the first link if you want to read directly. :)


Enjoy! ;)



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Hey guys, little question for you. Don't know if any of you will have done it before, am trying to save myself some work.


Do any of you have the colour match codes for CADPAT?


I basically want to do a CADPAT stencil job on one of my weapons.


If not, I'll take my bivvy bag down to the model shop and find out and post them here for you.

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This is a picture I took as photo reference for something I am drawing right now but thought I would post it seeing as how it is my JTF-2 kit in the works.






I need a new M4 and a new P229 for it so excuse the .45 it is just there to take up space. Some of the kit serves triple duty for a CAG kit as well as some other stuff. I eventually would like to get an HPC for this kit in particular.

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Lets revive this since there is now an opportunity to get a Repo CF Frag Vest


Trying to spread the word here on a project to get some Repo CF Frag Vests made for the gearwhores out there. RustySniper of Airsoft Canada is trying to get a Repo body armor project rolling for $140 a piece in TW or AR your choice.


His info thread.



Discussion going on about the project in the old repo armor thread.


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