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Danish M84 loadout.

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hi great thread! i've been interested in getting m84 for a while, but £35 for a shirt or pair of trousers seems quite steep. are there any decent danish surplus sites? i've checked most fo the british sites but they're all quite expensive! cheers



35 quid is cheap! Until recently about the only place I've seen them for sale online was Flecktarn, and they were taking 90 quid for a jacket or trousers, and 35 for a boonie.


They're not too keen on people buying issue M/84 gear over here, so it's seldom seen for sale at any Danish Surplus stores. If you are lucky enough to find it, it won't be any cheaper than the prices you've quoted, then you've got to add postage from Denmark....


You could try this Danish auction site if you fancy a linguistic challenge: www.qxl.dk


But I'd say ebay is probably your best bet.

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With original issue M84 we are also talking about a significantly higher quality in cloth quality. The combat uniform is extremely rigid, but also quite heavy and a tad warm for summer use. Especially when compared to British issue DPM uniforms, which I'm sorry to say is PoS (my team use a British loadout).

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do these guys sell genuine M84? http://www.thecombatstore.co.uk/shop/produ...at=2&page=1 looks too good to be true.


im really liking m84 since ive had some pants from a forum meber a while back.


makes me want a full loadout in the stuff.


It's knock off stuff. The quality is so-so, so if you buy it make sure and inspect it personally rather than buying mail order. I've got a couple of sets of their m/84 bdu which I use occasionally though so it's not too bad.

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You can easily pick out the replica from the real deal stuff. Compare the two from the pics on flecktarn and you will notice that the replica pattern is way too repetitive compared to the issue pattern, which looks far more random.

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I got myself a set of real M84 combats from www.militarykit.com about 3 weeks ago. I went into the shop itself to make sure I got the correct sizes.


Like someone has already mentioned the jacket is lined and got quiet a bit warm with just a t-shirt on underneath, but it is bearable. Also the only other little niggle is that the zips on the jacket open back to front, i.e; pull them up to open them, and down to close.


Another couple of websites I have found which are selling M84 load carrying gear etc are: www.military4you.com



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