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DPM & MTP kit thread

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Swap for an L1A1, temperate trousers, webbing etc and you'd be in the Falklands.  Certainly in the first picture.


Yeah I was going to say the photos look like what it might look like if it kicked off again.


Also I think that flag is the wrong way round, easily done though.

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Here is a bit of SAS Inspiered gear.


Sorry for the bad cellphone pics, i was not at a game, just training in the woods.


S95 Pants

DPM Smock windproof

Bergen (with stuff)

DPM Chestrig (can't remember the name)


M16+M203 and BFA

camo/net scarf




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Some photoes from the airsoft game in our region. Me with mates from the British Club, Ukraine. May 2014






in future I'm going to buy a pelevic protection , MK7 Helmet and a rail interface for my SA-80


Kind regards from Ukraine ! 

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Totally off; just related to the last post...


My teammate had (or have) an arid Iran DPM, exactly that...


Those variations make me think about; why did they made DDPM? They should simply change colors a bit. Same at woodland... vs. choc chip :) (OK, there was a british arid DPM trial version, but never went into service as I know).

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They did 'just change the colours' and made a very nice 4-colour desert DPM.


Problem was, we sold a load to Iraq in the mid 80s...and then the first Gulf War happened and caused a bit of a panic to produce a desert DPM pattern that wasn't the same as the uniform of the (now) opposing force.

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