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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Some photos from the fundraiser event Comando Challenge 2015. There were 14 four man teams - 4 civilian and 10 military and LEO. We came first from the civilians and 2nd overall.



















Full album here.

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Aye, I spotted you early on Delta, had a couple of mooches through the basement with ya. I was the zebra.

Not a bad day, couple of Teflon players that soaked up for hits than normal, overall fairly decent.

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Thought that might've been you after seeing the photos! Next time come say hi, good to put a face to a name properly!


It's always fun down there in the dark..


Yeah there are always a few Teflon warriors.. Generally though I thought it was better than usual.. Never used my BFG so much either, that thing racked up the kills!

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Bfg dominates at the mall!

Teflon wad worse than normal for me, actually got to the point where I put my gbbr down, because it was taking 10 or so shots for certain players to react...

I'll pop over next time to say hi, was good playing with ya (giggity)

Anyway, picture thread...

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Some pics form me at Milsim event "Paso del Karkand" held in spain:


With the portuguese team players



In the comand tent waiting for deploy




Receiving last orders




In patrol




Confirming gps position




Changing info with another team leader




With two prisioners




Preparing the last enemy base attack



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It was a cold and wet day today, but I stil had a whale of a time.


Typically, forgot my GoPro so I did brilliantly, got at least 4 surrender kills by storming a bunker and poking someone in the back with my AK12. Also pulled a flanking manuver which allowed me to single-handedly take an enemy base with 6 players in it by virtue of popping up behind them when they were all looking the other way at my team-mates.





I also think that Tibetarn is one of the best airsoft camouflages available. It works well in the field but is distinctive in the safe zone so you get to show off when someone asks what pattern it is.

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I love that tibetarn. I've yet to find a set that wasn't thin as could be...


The stuff I'm running is a SPLAV Gorka Set. Nice and thick, very well made.


I got it from chaka98 on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Russian-Army-Spetsnaz-GORKA-TIBET-JACKET-Camo-Patterm-SPALV-Original-100-Cotton-/272033359021


You can message her about sizes and getting a full set of it. She speaks english and ships worldwide pretty quickly for a Russian e-shop.

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