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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Could I have a kit list if you don't mind? Looks like a pretty sweet light loadout.


Flying suit (portuguese issue), cqc holster, body armor vest, leg platform for mp5 mag's, alice m4/16 mag for m14's

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Snowman where did you guys play? I live in Chehalis washington, always looking for a good game!


Get on Airsoft Pacific. The game I was at in those pics was Ash Bash 4 down at SniperzDen Paintball in St. Paul, OR, and AP games are often held there.

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Ckinnerly, Me, and Darklite


Opening fire on a guy hiding in some tractor tyres


Closing the gap to get the guys behind him




Bitches, down.


Screaming for cease fire and weapons safe after realising the guy I shot in the tractor tyres has lost a lens from his eyepro.




All at MA6.5 :)

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<embed src="http://img585.imageshack.us/slideshow/smilplayer.swf" width="426" height="320" name="smilplayer" id="smilplayer" bgcolor="FFFFFF" menu="false" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" flashvars="id=img585/18866410150114296702960.jpg"/>

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This dog is amazing! the owner went playin about 1k away and he stay on the back of the truck waitting for him...never steaping out of the truck...

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Here's some shots from yesterday's game at F&O Bolton. This is a sequence of shots taken by one of our photographers, Steve, who was standing next to a bridge over a boggy stream that separates the two main fields on which we play. Our team was on the 'top' field, which has a hill inlaid with bunkers that overlooks the bridge, allowing us a massive tactical advantage, and the opfor were on the 'bottom' field, which, apart from a few points of natural cover, makes it incredibly difficult for any team trying to assault the hill.


The objective was dropped by a member of our team at the very end of the previous game, so the next game started off with the objective in the same position. Each team fought to retrieve it, with the aim of taking it back to their base, before holding it there for a period of time before endex was called. The objective here is, of course, the black case, which looks light and easy to pick up, but no! The sneaky marshals decided to load it up with heavy rocks. Wonderful.


Here I am :)
















And a random in-game shot from another part of the day:




COMEDY EDIT - I have only just noticed this. It was around the time of this sequence yesterday that I lost one of my PMAGs, and I'd gone back after the game to try and locate it, but to no avail. I did end up finding it towards the end of the day, but hilariously, and as I've only just noticed, this sequence of shots reveals exactly where I lost it. In the shots where I've got my back to the camera, if you look closely, a PMAG with a magpul on the end is sticking out of my dump pouch (which was pretty full as I hadn't had much chance to reload any of my mags during the game). In the final shot, you can just see the mag falling out of my dump pouch, it's a light green flash just below the WAS logo on the back of my shirt.


I almost ###### myself laughing when I saw this. Awesome. If only I'd thought about this when Steve showed me a preview of the shots on his camera, I could have saved myself loads of hassle trying to look for it.

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Pics not by me but by 'Claymore' of Oklahoma Invasion and D. Furnas.


Stood on top of a bus awaiting out pick up in our own lines after going out on one of the first patrols along the border. We were still in a state of peace with no indications as such of a coming war so at this point no batteries or mags were in the guns and goggles were off. It was a warm day so I had taken off my webbing for a quick look up on top of the bus.





After the shelling of a French position and the subsequent retaliation, we were ordered goggles on and an unofficial get tooled up by our NCO despite battalion orders of only carrying one mag and no batteries. We were sent up to the border to clearly mark it within regulations and to perform a bit of observation, patrol and obstructions of roads. With this in mind we decided to park the FV432 right on the border, raise the Union Jack and have a spot of tea. Our liason was with us in the hope the East Germans would come to investigate but no one did unfortunately.




Riding in the back of a 2 1/2 ton truck being deployed to a village expecting a major push. Throughout the ride we were expecting an ambush.





The majority of the Brit squad with our West German liason with the Ferret. We also had two FV432s at our disposal when our drivers were active.





Briefing in the mess tent letting us know the war was well and truely started and the RoE had changed. This was roughly 6 hours after we had been attacked on our side of the border by significant forces in a town.





Back at the camp after a long patrol. I'm lying in the middle with the West German liason and out L86 gunner either side of me.



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Operation: East Wind IV over in the US. It was 9 days of milsim in a sort of alternate history sort of event. Basically the Wall never came down and it was all kicking off between the commies and Nato in 1991. The level of kit those guys have collected is amazing and it is all period correct stuff. NVGs were issued out to those who needed them and I was even playing being serious with a thermal imaging unit. It was some pretty serious stuff at times with all the kit you could need and I am glad I went. I believe a report will be cropping up somewhere soon on here and should have all the decent photos.


Despite the milsim element, everyone had fun. I especially enjoyed hurling abuse in a strong Lancashire accent across the border trying to provoke a war. Under orders, of course!

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