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AR15 Picture Thread

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Kojak, that from gas block might be too big to fit inside CASV-M...Might want to go with CASV-EL so you can pretty much swap the RIS system directly.


I would have gladly bought a low-profile gas block--the CASV-M has an upper 45° mounting point for my RDS (I'm a dual-optic junkie). I don't need that feature anymore since the DD mount does the job better.


@Kojak: does the TMP sight line up with the front flipup? in that case, its awesome!


Nope; I just slapped it on since the gun felt naked when I got it home with the new gas block and RIS. The MP7 set went to my G36 and got a cheap Troy rear BUIS for the WE M4.



So here's the current, more functional look:




And a view from the workspace:




Once the internals are sorted out, it's getting a Magpul makeover (UBR, MIAD, and BAD lever) and I'm tempted to swap the outer barrel extension for a mock suppressor--maybe a Gemtech HALO.


I'll either keep the current scope and mount a CASV or just get an ACOG--the riser is temporary.

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My latest toy - KA VLTOR VIS Carbine. Or, as i like to call it, The VLTOR VIS-SD468. Not because that really makes any logical sense, but it sounds cool. And it also makes me feel slightly more manly because of all the letters and numbers. And i'm also aware the lack of a gas block means the real thing probably wouldn't work, but hey, i'm an airsofter!






Silencer and Flash-hider are from a VFC M468 kit, which i totally failed when attempting to build... Ah well.

I've also added a random Dboy's single point sling mount and a more comfy VFG, as well as a Star flip-up front sight. It's a little too high at the moment, so i've got a lower, rear folding one on the way.


I love it, nearly as much as i love boobies.

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Mk11 Mod0 SPR with replica M3 scope and Gen3 NOD mounted









All shots were done on ambient lighting.


Some samples of the NOD (off-topic) observations:


Pics below where shot at 3x magnification between 275ft - 300ft (Google Earth)





Observation 1: Deck at 300ft. (100 yards)




Observation 2: Playground, Swing at 245ft. plus (82 yards)



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Kenworth -


The Long.

I'd be lucky if I'm able to nail anyone consistently inside the 200ft range. Even with heavier BBs (.28s or .30s), airsoft is just not meant for accurate target acquisition and neutralization. Also, given the FPS limitations of most fields, it's very rare that I swap/upgrade with internals that'll allow for maximum effective range engagements (550fps). She currently shoots under 430fps at the moment.


The Short.

Depending on windage, elevation and clear line of sight, between 130ft - 150ft

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