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From what I've been told, you're looking at a 10 week minimum to get a JPC from anywhere that doesn't already have it in stock, which is why they're going for $400+, sans soft armor, on eBay right now (at least I just saw one go for that). I've also been told, by others, that the MBITR pouch is easy if you order from Crye, but you're looking at a different waiting period.


I'm looking to go the JPC route too, besides the 10 Speed Triple, I'm also thinking 3 FastMags (to swap with the 10 Speed), CTOMS Slimline CFAK (use as storage), Tyr Micro SOF IFAK - Velcro Cutaway (actual IFAK), Tyr Tactical Small Hydration Pouch, a couple misc. M4 mag shingles with bungee retention, a radio pouch (Crye MBITR or something else), maybe a FB pouch or two (for generic storage or grenades), and that'll be about it for the PC. Some more stuff will go onto a belt rig...


Ok bad news about the wait time but good list of pouches! Thanks a lot. I may start getting the pouches together along with other pieces of the kit and then get the JPC...Or I may get the Mayflower APC. If I can find that haha, also does anyone have pics of them wearing the Mayflower APC?

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I ordered everything on my list in the past two days. Crye has told me March at the earliest for the JPC & MBITR Pouch Set, Tyr has told me up to 30 days for all of the pouches I ordered from them, and most everything else should be on its way to me in the next few days.


Edit: The most expensive piece was the CTOM Mini SOF IFAK, shipping from Canada was a killer.

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- Crye Precision AC Combat Uniform, Multicam

- TC2002 (repro) with Norotos 3 hole shroud (real)


1st line;

- Bianchi Fancy Stitch belt (not really correct. I have a BHI riggers, but I'm breaking in my Bianchi since I just recently got it)

- IFAK (in SFLCS horizontal utility pouch)


2nd line;


- EI Gen 2 admin pouch with flashlight

- EI SFLCS double mag pouch

- TAG Universal MBITR pouch w/ Motorola HT1000 and TCI MAST

- EI SFLCS 200 rd SAW pouch


- AI SFLCS Modular Assault Pack


- EI SFLCS Canteen pouch

- Tactical Tailor Smoke/flashbang pouch

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