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G36 Picture Thread

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And while we're at it, here's my G36 in its final (Woodland/Outdoors skirmish) form:       (Minus a trigger )

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Cool beans. I'm gonna sit on it  then, if it's still for sale when I actually have 100bucks to spend I'll snap it up.


Now on the electric ones, as in generic non blowback electric, does anyone know if it's simple to place a body pin in the cosmetic "pin" spot behind the selector? I gather the Ares uses one there, but I'm not sure if it's clear space there on the TM spec ones. I wouldn't be opposed to switching to an Ares, but frankly I always assumed they were gimmicky and failure prone.

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My turn.


CA AEG. bought brand new, its actually the only aeg I haven't thrown out (hate them). It has been ~10 years since I have opened this one up but I know like with all of them, the piston, spring, nozzle, tappet etc were replaced on day 1. This has the fuse removed (popular back in the day) and requires 8.6v to even cycle. so not sure what I put inside it. back then standard was 7.4 battery...  I have some mid and hi caps for it. I haven't used it in 10 years since im sure it needs a relube and I just cant be bothered to do anything to it any more.


modified flat top rail, accessory rails added,  folding grip. alum charging handle.




WE g36


bought brand new before the whole umarex/hk aka glock 2.0 fiasco. notice a pattern here? I was an early adopter of the g36 heh


full steel internals, 500mm 01 barrel, custom double mounted silencer (mounts on front and in the rear), removed gas tube and block to facilitate that, idz stock and rail, top rail raised .5" all the way through, magpul xts cover, metal vert grip,  laser on top, flashlight on the bottom (I like them small, and this is like 200 lumens so all I need), RAtech hopup, shimmed outer barrel, shimmed fire mode selector with right side delete (im a right handed so who cares about ambi),  500fps we nozzle and yes it reaches that (ra tech is a piece of *suitcase* so I never put that in), metal floating valve,  tcs bolt release, steel charging handle.


the gun is functional. I want nothing on the side rails that will snag on me and smack me in the knees. so it could be more tacticool but it would be worthless from usability standpoint.






<3 g36s

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CA G36K & AG36

H&K top rail

TM MP7 sights

Vector optics RDS

Dboys sliding stock

Begadi LLM mount

Element LLM

Begadi KAC-style flash hider


Internally there is a madbull black python inner barrel, airsoftpro CNC hop unit, shs 13:1 gearset, cylinder, cylinder head and spring guide, shs high torque moter with tm eg1000 armature and a king kong(?) Mosfet (full auto is set to a ramping 5rnd burst) rewired to rear with deans.



A WIP :)

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which magwell adapter is that and how is it performing?


The G33 comes with it as standard, straight out of the box. I'm not sure if it's some outsourced one or just ICS's own. Works perfectly fine though. I currently use ICS and G&P mags and it works spot on. 

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