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FN SCAR Picture thread

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I think this thread needs a revival, sort of. Well, here's my offerings, sorry that they look like they're taken with a potato, but my nice camera isn't cooperating with me right now.



Got this thing two or three years ago right before I got too busy and had to get out of airsofting. But lately I've been feeling like jumping back in so I grabbe some stuff for it. Sadly I ordered this one right when Cybergun started licensing the SCARs so my model was from their stock with the goofy trades. But over all I'm pretty happy with it so far.


Never was a big fan of the 14.5 inch profile SCAR L but I feel like this set up actually works decently well. Though I still prefer the 10 inch CQC setup, it's much more pointable.



Only things that I feel are missing is a dual pressure switch, a FDE stubby Tango Down VFG, some sort of AAC 51T, and maybe some rail covers. But right now I feel it's pretty much complete as is.


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I believe Evike still have some Dboys bits, or did last time I checked.


The CA one is pretty poor quality compared to the Dboys. I owned a CA Scar many moons ago and its stock snapped first day it was used, so I actually replaced it with a Dboys one from RSOV.


It definitely seemed sturdier than the original CA one and it was easier to fit the battery as well. 

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DSC_1261 by Jamie_Atkinson, on Flickr


DSC_1255 by Jamie_Atkinson, on Flickr


TM Scar-L recoil in Black wired for Deans and ran on 7.4 LiPo's
Standard internally bar a Firefly Hop Rubber and flat Nub
Surefire M600
Eotech 551

Will be upgrading the motor to a Lonex A2 with an Eagle6 M100 Spring in the next month and maybe looking at a Prommy tighbore depending on what the FPS is after the new spring


Looking to get it sprayed at some point, Unsure what to go for though

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Yes it's a TM Recoil, wouldn't buy anything else :).


Has a new flash hider (aggressive compensator), since the stock one is fugly, T1, TD grip and LaRue index clips.


It's not QUITE finished yet, but it's staying pretty simple. I really like the T1 on the SCAR, also have a visionking scope with larue spr mount. My advice, take your inspiration from a RS picture thread.


My inspiration:







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