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Bought the Detonator 10-8 sights set for my WE M&P full size. I noticed I could get a 10-8 front sight into the front dovetail with a little shimming and some loctite so I installed a spare RS 10-8 tritium M&P sight I had:




[click for larger versions]


Now the sight picture matches one of my RS M&Ps so I'm happy. The price is high for airsoft, but the quality is very good since it's nicely machined and either blued or melonite finished like the real thing which I was impressed by. The Detonator fiberoptic front sight was a very tight fit and would probably need a punch or sight pusher but I never installed it since I saw the RS tritium one would work. 


Hopefully sights will be made for the VFC version soon.

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A quick preview of the custom work I had done to my VFC M&P:

VFC Custom M&P 01

[click for larger view]


And here it is next to my RS M&P. The RS M&P work was done years ago by ATEi. The VFC M&P custom work was done a couple weeks back by a small shop in Hong Kong called Hero Arms which is in the Kwong Wah Street area:

VFC Custom M&P 02

[click for larger view]


Basically S&W serrations along the top and also at the front slides. On my RS M&P the idea behind the serrations is to assist in press checks, break up top slide glare, and to rack the slide one handed against a hard surface/your belt/your holster.


Overall, I'm very pleased with the work. Hero Arms has been doing some incredible custom work at very reasonable prices. This work was done at my request based on hi-res pics I sent him of my RS M&P. The slide did require a little fitting since I only left them with the VFC slide and not the entire gun. Fitting mostly entailed removal of excess paint on the inner surfaces and contact points between slide and frame. This is actually one of two VFC M&Ps I had done. The other one is in the hands of a skilled local airsoft gunsmith who's taking a look at it for me.


Hopefully there will be some more aftermarket support for the sights on these VFC guns.


Better pics coming soon.

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Yup. While in HK a couple weeks back, I stopped by HeroArms as I do most airsoft stores. I noticed they did some custom work on OEM parts, and decided to inquire if they can replicate my ATEi slide. And they did. So I bought a couple VFC M&Ps from them, returned to the US with all parts minus the slides and they mailed me the slides this week.


ETA: the depth of the serrations are not as deep as the real thing. That is because the material thickness on the VFC is thinner than the RS slide. They machined as much as they could.

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Not quite the same quality of pics as the last set, but here's a quick update on the two VFC M&Ps made to look like my ATEi/Boresight M&P. Aside from frame stippling on both, I've added an Angry Gun threaded outer barrel to one of them. Sadly, the Ace 1 Arms replica suppressor is too heavy for the gun.



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-Nebula Original Frame for WE M&P (Black) - Full Marking

-Ace 1 Arms SAI Style M&P Slide Set

-Ace 1 Arms Tactical Barrel Upgrade Kit

-Ace 1 Arms SAI Style M&P Trigger set

-DYTAC 10-8 CNC Aluminum Base Pad

-A Plus Studio "REAPS" HopUp Rubber

-Stippled lower frame

-Surefire X300 Repro





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Never did post up the VFC.






Seeing as I'm leaving it stock (famous last words) I've set this aside as the beater/drills practice gun when I feel like just sitting there for 15-20 minutes doing constant reloads and wearing out the barrel/slide lock etc.  The other one I've just acquired will be prettified.


I'd definitely still take a TM for skirmishing outdoors.  But with the realistic trades, good overall quality and performance, reliable mags, a nice metal slide out the box and all for such a low price... very impressed I have to say.

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No pics of the new one I sent ya!?!! ;)


Well you know mate, trying to build up gradually the stock one would seem uninteresting by comparison.  Didn't want to peak too early.


Also the pictures you took were the best I've gotten so far.  Not very good at that white background yet, ha.


I maybe went a little over the top with the lighting but meh YOLO.


No such thing, can't go wrong with red and black either.  How do you do the dark background?  A lot of the real pro guys like Stickman, DMG, Triple Bravo etc on facebook do that fairly often.  Need to actually look at some photography guides online one of these days instead of just guessing and hoping for the best...

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