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I got mine from a guy on the VFC HK417 GBB Owners Facebook group. I got the Custom Steel buffer, 140% Recoil Spring and 130% Hammer Spring. Mine started with the double feeds then after a while jams and venting.


Apparently he's looking for retailers to sell those upgrades through, both in the EU and US as I understand it.


Edit: Although my particular setup is less gas efficient, it definitely suits the nature of a 7.62 battle rifle.

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Took my 417 today for test firing. VFC 420mm inner with PDI W-Hold bucking, I could hit a man sized target at 80 meters 90% of the time. My gun works and feeds perfect on semi, with an occasional flye

Hi all.   Just a quick preview of my new toy, I had this delivered from Sniper-AS     While hesitant considering VFC's tales of woe I decided to jump in and pick up the 417 once it was availa

Looks great on the outside, but we all know VFCs are like that.  If (and that's a big *fruitcage* if) the gun works fine out of the box (HA!) I may actually get one, though if WE stops clowning aroun

Lil update. I was extremely lucky to have a buyer approach me, so I took that as a sign and let him have it. But before I let it go I compiled a final video outlining a solution to the problem I was having. An issue that has been unfortunately gaining popularity among more and more 417 users.


It's kinda of a montage and I like montages ;-)


Also after several hundred rounds shooting with the steel buffer, the only wear I had experienced (up until I sold it) was where the buffer took a little material off the inside of the upper as it drove the carrier home. Nothing worrying, wiped clean and then continued to cycle fine.

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Hi guys recently picked up a 417 from christhesecond which I'm really impressed with.


Has anyone had any issues with the stock mechanism breaking? Mine seems to have gotten stuck in the fully extended position and I can't take the stock off either. Has anyone else had the same issue. If so how did you get the stock off.


Cheers all.

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Hi everyone, I've recently acquired one of these 417s myself.

Is anyone else's 417 giving off a twang after each shot (like a loose spring vibrating)?

Judging by all the Youtube videos I have watched so far, everyone else's 417 sounds rather snappy!


On a side note, if I were to increase the weight of the stock ie: by filling the slots for batteries with a metal bolt/ washers, or clay.... do you think it will increase the felt recoil even more?

Long story short, I intend to make this kick like a mule (as a battle rifle should!) as at the moment it doesn't even compare to my WE M4 with recoil kit!

I already have a hephaestus heavy steel buffer on the way and I've already brought the 140% buffer springs, but it would be nice if I could really make the 417 stand out from my other GBBs in the recoil department!


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The spring twang you're hearing is completely normal. Common on AR type rifles on account of the large spring within the metal buffer tube, even real steel.


You won't accomplish more recoil by adding weight to the stock. Steel buffer is the way to go, I've not had experienced the Hephaestus buffer but I'm guessing it'll provide stronger recoil than the stock buffer.


When I had the 417 upgraded with the steel buffer and stronger spring, the recoil was amazing! Strongest I've known from an Airsoft gun. But long term it can't be good at all.

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Thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately, trying to get hold of a real steel buffer in the UK might be a bit difficult!

Re: adding weight to the stock, I won't bother with it in that case. 

Just got to wait and see how the new buffer will improve the 417's recoil I guess!

On a side note, Badabing:-
It was actually because of your Youtube videos on the 417 that made me decide to buy it rather than wait for a WE one (if they ever get round to it!)

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Unfortunately, trying to get hold of a real steel buffer in the UK might be a bit difficult!


It's not really that difficult considering Brownells UK stocks them :P


*edit* (or rather, stocks real steel buffers, whether it's AR15 or 308 ARs, whether that fits the 417 replica... I cannot comment)

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Strange thing has happened to my 417.  @>30*C in the sun the rifle recoils so bad the BBs are rolling out of the barrel, and occasionally double feeds. 


So I removed the small return spring of the 417 buffer and placed a thick rubber at the back of the buffer tube, also made it so the buffer travels a little more forward so there is more spring tension as the BCG sits in battery.  The problems disappeared.

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Well, no, pretty much every other rifle will function from 0-15*C with green gas.  


Unfortunately with the HK417 there wasn't anything else I could do to optimise.  Recoil is fantastic in summer to the point there are double feeding issues, but is unusable in winter.


VFC replicas are woefully unoptimised.  Yesterday I bought a VFC G36K passed down from so many owners because it was just not shooting well.  Currently here its 9-14*C and in stock form, the rifle barely fired off  15 rounds before it stopped.  Decreased both the flute valve spring (2 rungs) and the recoil spring (8 rungs), and auto dumps are now doable, and at this temperature it is still at 400fps.

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