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This is good, good indeed.


With this on the market, it gives me enough confidence to say they will also make a GBB G3 in the near future, and a MP5 .


SIG related - looks cool, very unique.. most likely see what the price is for this bad boy.





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dafuq lol


Yeah I know GHK does good GBBRs. It's not that. I am just a WE fan boi and invested in their systems/platforms and as RC said probably cheaper, VSR support, full blow back travel and normally WE gets more aftermarket support as well (or maybe I just haven't looked at GHK aftermarket support much).


Not that a WE SIG 552 would share much with current WE rifles probably but still.


I still wish it was a WE :D

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Ayy 553! I hope they make other 55X series rifles.


While I'm not a fan, 556 and 556R using their existing AR and AK magazines would be awesome.


Because I am a little scared about what happens with production down the line. Niche gun with proprietary magazine, I hope they don't dry up too quickly.

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Perhaps.  I just figured the AK recoil setup is not best suited for full travel GBB but trunnion failure is probably a better reason.


Supposedly someone was coming out with a full travel kit for GHK.  I wonder if it made it out and how it impacted things.

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I think it's a combination of both, and the travel of AK (and SIG) are significantly longer than the length of the rounds they fire, at least compared to the AR platform, so they could afford giving the AR and AUG full travel but not for these guys. That said, the GHK M4 on green gas is still more efficient than a WE M4 (likely due to magazine design as well) and a short stroked Vipertech M4.. and they seem to be pretty committed to release Devilhunter compatible CO2 mags eventually with guns they release, with the AUG CO2 mags finally being released a few months ago. 


Speaking of which, I just ordered the W&S full travel kit for the GHK AK, will update on the appropriate thread to see the performance hit with the kit. 

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I celebrate the creation of a Sig 552 GBBR, whatever the brand.

Being a GHK it's pretty much a guarantee it will be extremely well build, will have a great gas millage while keeping a decent kick... and will have an awful AEG hop that will fail to provide anything close to decent accuracy and range, let alone sustain the range on consecutive shots. 
That's what GHK do. Great short stroked GBBRs with awful hops. So we shouldn't expect nor demand anything else from their SIG.



That said, the GHK M4 on green gas is still more efficient than a WE M4 (likely due to magazine design as well) and a short stroked Vipertech M4

That's bogus. Defining efficiency as the number of shots per mag fill is missing half of the picture. With that criteria, KWA guns with their pitiful recoil could be deemed the most efficient. 

Truth is, unless you're loosing gas between the mag gas route and the nozzle, nozzle and bolt carrier, or nozzle and chamber, all GBBRs are equally efficient. They are just designed and fine tuned for a different experience.
- KSC/KWA prioritises minimal gas consumption by using light bolts and short stroking, in detriment of recoil. 
- WE prioritises recoil and full travel, which obviously takes more gas
- GHK offers a compromise between both approaches.

Then it's just a matter of personal preference, and balancing of other factors such as hop type / quality, build materials, surface finish, models available, etc. My personal choice will always be WE just because I like my GBBRs with full travel bolts and strong recoil, and their VSRish hops to use Maple Leaf barrel and buckings. But I get why some people would prefer GHK, or even freaking KWAs.

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GHK Mags imho are the nicest available from any brand, particually the G5/M4 magazines, the design is excellent and the quality of the parts is very good as far as airsoft goes, even the release valve is a little bit of machined porn. WE Magazines are fine and the price reflects that, that's about as far as I'd go, the only one I've come across that struck me as particually well made was an XDM magazine.


I might well have to get one of these myself, well, for R&D purposes, of course :D

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... It really isn't, just try using them in the winter in climate that is actually cold. KWA's light recoil still doesn't touch GHK on winter performance efficiency in the case of the AK, it's not like KWA is the most efficient due to its light recoil, it's not even close. There's a reason why GHK is hugely popular in some parts of the world. 


 all GBBRs are equally efficient


Just no. It's not personal preference, some platforms are just objective better than others when it comes to gas efficiency, the main advantage of WE, if we take the AR, is lighter mags and better hop, in terms of AK, it's heavier recoil with full bolt travel but lesser external material. My personal choice will always be the best all year round performing platform regardless of brand, so if I'm after an MP5 I'd be going with WE, not VFC, if I want an AK, I'd go GHK, not KWA, not WE, and same applies to AR especially DH mod exists. If I want an MP7, I'd go WE (or New Wave, same system), not KWA, VFC or TM due to the greater efficiency, light mag, hard kick, and 1:1 size. The brand loyalty makes no sense, just pick whichever one that is the best out of all of them. (fine, i get it if there's mag compatibility to consider if you don't want to buy a whole set, but this isn't one of those cases)

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