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Showguns have made a striker 12

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Here's the gun after dyeing the furniture. I've got a bunch more pics in the review I just posted.

welp, this is the friend of the manufacturers. Bad news is that the studio that makes this product is no longer in production due to the stricter laws in China. The orange version that most of you hav

Octagon Airsoft has pre-orders up marked for June delivery. Original, orange furniture, plastic barrel, $298: https://www.octagonairsoft.com/product-page/fcw-striker-12-toy-gas-shotgun-gel-b

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I did a brief look and didn't see any storefront or other means to purchase, but if it's available for sale I am all over that.

3 minutes ago, svman said:

I've already got 60 plus of the madbull ss6 shells to run in too. I need one of these

Can those be had for cheaper than ~£10 apiece anywhere, or is that about the going price?

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I'll look into it once I get my grubby mitts on one. There are some UK retailers that stock showguns products so hopefully should be able to get hold of one eventualy once they hit the market. Indexing would need to be pretty spot on to work with the APS shells I think. Any slight misalignment and you would have bbs and wadding jamming up the the drum. 

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4 hours ago, svman said:

Anybody good with Chinese? If someone can find out who is selling these as gel blasters in China we may be able to get some on the cheap. Gel blasters are usually quite competitively priced

Did a little digging and I keep seeing references to them being sold by


Apparently in the comments they say that it can be converted to use gas airsoft shells because of the similar dimensions of gel shells and airsoft.

I also keep seeing references to these being available in China for a while now, but can't find any for sale anywhere.

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On 11/9/2020 at 6:05 PM, judgeman said:

Got a reply from Cool Hobby, apparently it's sold out. Still hunting but not a lot of luck.

Did they say when or if more would be coming in? Why are the truly great toys always so hard to get hold of. This product should be filing the warehouses of every airsoft retailer. Please, I only need one!!!😫

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welp, this is the friend of the manufacturers. Bad news is that the studio that makes this product is no longer in production due to the stricter laws in China. The orange version that most of you have seen was a "safe" version that the company produced just to test the water, and they were planning on releasing a full back version if the orange ones were tolerated by the Chinese government. However, that was not the case, not only was this striker gel blaster completely banned, in fact, the entire industry and hobby was banned in China since September 2020. In the past three months. Gel blasters manufacturers were raided, owners were arrested, gel blaster players/collectors were summoned to the police station after the police tracked down "sales record" from the retailers, and the police confiscated all their replicas. One of the collectors was arrested for owning several upgraded gel blasters, and now he is on probation for the next 4 years. Pre-order has been closed from my end, I asked several wholesalers, but no one was willing to take the risk. Sorry, it is a great product, but it was born in the wrong country at the wrong time.

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1 hour ago, svman said:

Bugger, that rely is a shame. Maybe they could sell the injection mold tooling to a company outside china one day?

the Chinese police now pretend to be potential buyers and sellers to phish out remaining gel blaster collectors and manufacturers in China. I doubt you can get in touch with the real developer of the replica as people are not taking the risks.....


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