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My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

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Well, it's nearly Christmas! A time to laugh and joke, to sing and... who am I trying to kid? I hate this time of year, it always makes me irritable and angry. And that tends to spill into other areas

ahhh.... that reminds me...   The losers who say that I'm wasting my money on airsoft... you spend $4000 on an ATV... and you accuse me of wasting money??

Wow, you've chosen to play today's edition of 'Wheel of Fortune!'   Let's see what you've won!   CONGRATULATIONS! For using homophobic language (because I'm sure as *suitcase* you're not calling m

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They should have left Westwood Studios alone.


Damn straight they should have. Have you played the latest C&C game? It's dreadful, truly dreadful. And the one before it wasn't much cop either.


It doesn't stop you, it just means you have to be more considerate of 'collateral damage'.






No, I meant that raging on here doesn't actually hurt anyone and releases anger that would otherwise be directed towards a violent killing spree...

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This, #sigh# this is not really new is it :P


Pretty much everyone hates EA at the moment after all the ###### they have pulled.

Well, they never made it as high on my *suitcase* list as Ubisoft or Blizzard. Ubisoft just moved a couple notches down today, though, by announcing that they're backing out of the pants-on-head retarded DRM scheme.
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And I like not being in jail.


Could be worse, could get shot by an ARU.


Saying that i am not sure, death might be better than meeting Big Dave and his homosexual friends in prison, because you know it is not going to end well if you end up in a prison like that.



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If you love your "hard earned property" so much, drive it responsibly and nothing bad will happen to it. Also - it is fairly direct, since they're IN the car being an ignorant, selfish, inconsiderate *Ubar* at the time.


You know what makes me sick? People - presumably like you - who think it's okay to knock down cyclists and not even stop, or stop and give their details then lie to their insurance companies to get out of paying for the damage they've caused, or generally think their car gives them the right to do whatever they like. Park in bus lanes, park in cycle lanes, park in disabled spaces or *across* disabled bays or other parking spaces, stopping on the street across people's driveways or too close to junctions and a whole host of other things because they're simply too selfish to five a *fruitcage* about anyone other than themselves.


Maybe paying for a new wing mirror or to have scratched panels repainted would make people think again about driving and parking like a selfish *wheelbarrow*... But I guess it's just easier to blame other people instead of thinking about what you've done wrong to cause the situation in the first place, isn't it?


you're assuming an awful lot there pal. none of it is true.


the fact of the matter is you seem to think it's acceptable to respond to other people's misdeeds with criminal damage. you. are. wrong.

there's very few situations where i would sink to that level. i regard people with your attitude little higher than people who attack or torture animals. both are just bitter, twisted individuals who don't have the balls to take up their issues with something that can argue or fight back.


jesus christ, it's not even an equal reaction. if you were knocked off your bike, or your bike was somehow damaged and the guy showed no regret, remorse or consideration that'd be a bit different. but for not giving you quite as much space for undertaking as you might have liked? bang out of order! that's like the nutters that think that someone saying something about their mum warrants a stabbing.

if someone's driving is annoying you then tell them. let them know how *fruitcage* useless they are. make them know what they are doing wrong and make them feel stupid. doesn't have to be calm and collected, go absolutely ballistic if you like... as long as you make them know they are in the wrong. odds are if they didnt realise what they were doing in the first place they still won't after you've taken their wing mirror off, and even if they do they won't think it's a fair retort. as far as they're concerned they are the victim of an unprovoked attack from just another *Ubar* of a cyclist, thus fuelling their hatred causing them to act like more of a twat towards you, which in turn fuels your ridiculous vigilante vendetta.


apologies if all this came off as a personal attack, but frankly i despise this sort of unconstructive, militant attitude.

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Rant:- Optic or no optic on my brand new shiny G36c. I've come full circle.


Was in my local before. Music started off bad, but after I put Turtle Power on, the musical choice got a whole lot better...

t,u,r,t,l,e, POWER1111!!!! yeah man, rigthous, rightous!!! COWWWWWAAABBBBUUUNNGGGGAAAA!!!!!!


Edit:- I don't think hedge meant he wold do criminal damage, just that he felt like doing it (arn't I assuming).

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And now I have to CALL AN UK-BASED HELPLINE to figure out what exactly went wrong with my subscription fee. Because "in order to better protect your account and verify necessary information, all payment issues are dealt with via our Customer Service telephone support."

Someone call a septic truck, those guys are full of *suitcase*.

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Makes a change from us in the UK having to call a call centre in the Ukraine or Bangladesh or somewhere.... :P

12 minutes (if not 19, I'm not sure how my mobile phone calculates connection time - for one call or all calls made to that number). I hope I don't get billed sky-high for that. And of course something had to go wrong the first time, I had to redial and listen to all that pre-recorded ###### all over again. Jeez.

Also, the reason I go by "Mike West" online is the fact that my name is written one way, pronounced another way and contains weird local letters. It's hell for foreign callers to pronounce it and worse yet, some of them are people I have to call at work, so I just can't introduce myself as Mike West there.


Also, regardless of *suitcasey* weather, it's still getting hot in the office, so we had to open the window AND fire up the portable AC unit we got handed down from my old department (the window's open so AC unit's exhaust can blow the hot air outside). And the construction site outside apparently has a "jackhammer day" today. OH THE NOISE. GOOD GOD, THE NOISE.

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Edit:- I don't think hedge meant he wold do criminal damage, just that he felt like doing it (arn't I assuming).


Me, I used to knock off wing mirrors if cars were in the bike lane trying to make a single lane with a bike lane and plenty of room into a two lane road with no space for anyone.


but enough of this, i made my point and i shall leave it at that.

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Children. Other people's.


It's to the stage where I cannot even wash my damn bikes on a weekend without someone else's spawn pool crowding round and trying to sit on my 3 bikes... including the one I am washing at the time.


I wouldn't ever airsoft gun one... but the though slips through my mind from time to time!



On bikes and buses:


I don't cycle because I find the roads are too dangerous these days. Not from bus drivers but all the car drivers who really have no place behind the wheel. You can have the nicest, most well-adjusted person on this earth, put them in the moron perch and they are a danger to themselves and everyone around them. This is 90% of all car drivers. If you drive a car, then sadly, this possibly includes you.


Not that many bus drivers are much better. I'd say the moron quotient among bus drivers drops to about 75% but there are plenty of them about. I hear stories in the canteen where they are bragging about ticking people off, those are the types I have little or no respect for.


As for cyclists - READ THE HIGHWAY CODE. It DOES apply to you, and you do have responsibilities as regards safety and traffic laws. Running red lights is illegal. I do seriously sympathise with the parking in cycle lanes issue though. But that comes down to my point on most car drivers being morons and, while they are 'in control' (ha-ha) of a motor vehicle, being narcissistic, contained in their little castles of steel and glass.


Oh, and you know you will automatically fail your driving test if you overtake a bus which is pulling out? Whether he has his indicators on or not? If you are assumed to have a reasonable suspicion that he is pulling away, regardless of signals, and you go past... get ready for the "I'm sorry to inform you that you have failed" when you get back to the test centre.


Also... we have a lot of checks to do before we pull out. Full 'glass' check from overshoulder left to right, then nearside mirror, then offside mirror. We can occasionally miss cyclists. Sorry about that, but we are only human!

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