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Grenade Launcher Picture Thread

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I tried so many off the shelf paints but none matched. So i ended up going to a car & auto paint specialist. They can match and make you an spray can in the exact colour. It is expensive US$32 for the match and to have the aerosol can made up. That said, I probably spend close to that on all the fail paints put together. I asked for the paint number but the guy that gave me the can wasn't the guy who made it (24 hour wait) so he didn't know. I honestly wish I had done this first.

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Here is your heatshield. Searching through the larger asian retailers should really be common practice. But the only reason I bought the G&P heatshield is because I got a great deal for the entire package. If I had to buy the parts separately I would buy a real M203 heatshield, since they usually cost less than the G&P one.



Thanks MODDAN, sorry i havnt replied, lost this thread lol!!

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Got my hands on this little number a few days ago:





A G&P standalone M203 launcher. Leaf sight came as standard, and I've installed a mini red dot sight.


Bought it mainly to make my masterkey a bit more usable, but it is rather handy as a grenade launcher.


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@ Josiah Hull



What would you say that max. range using nerf balls/rockets is on your bazooka?


Just looked through here and saw your question. With propane and a Madbul PB4 Grenade at around 80degreesF it will shoot around 250 feet max. Its pretty fun to play with, I do have plans to convert the grenade to run off of a CO2 air rig, should make things a bit more interesting

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