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All users be advised: Do NOT use Airsoft Dynamics

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well when i wanted to get a bolt action... i was gonna do this:



but then i bought the VSR10 off pablo because he's just sexy and sold it cheap...


thanks to pablo and his bullet nipples i bought it off him :P

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If they had your gun for repair click here, you may get it back soon.


Edit: Don't know what the *fruitcage* is goin on that link took me to the teletubies, cut and paste the address below instead.



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The proper link is http://www.insolvency.gov.uk


I did a search on that name and this was the result



DOB: 16/08/1976

Court: READ

Number: 0000220

Start date: 24/02/2006



It also has an address for him (assume it's his home address so i wont post it here, although it's available there for anyway to see)

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Indeed. Nastiness has no place on these forums.


Bankrupcy can be something that happens to a person or company due to events beyond his/her/their control. As such it is improper to take any person to task over it publicly unless severe improprieties are proven.


Let's just see what unfolds over the coming weeks and if anyone has good information they are welcome to post it here.

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Hi Guys.


Firstly im not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but I didnt really know where else to post it.


My name is James and I used to work for Airsoft Dynamics as a gun technician. I am here to anounce that I currently have the majority of guns taken in to be repaired by Airsoft Dynamics before they closed. Please contact me if you handed a gun in to be worked on by AD as I may have it.



<Commercial part of the post removed by moderator - please check forum rules about commercial posting>

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I brought a pair of Bolle X800 goggles from them which was my first purchase from them,i then brought TM MP5 SD5 for only £130 !!

I then proceeded to by other products which included a Gun bag and sling which they never sent me for over 5 months :S

So i brought them else were they did not charge me thank god,when i got me MP5 AEG they dint have any chargers in stock pissin g unbelievable !

and did not no when they would get them back in stock 3 WEEKS l8later i got it :( :S

There telephone manna was shi7

I asked "Do you think u will have the charges in by the end of the week" and some twat at AD replied "I hope so" *fruitcage* idiot :S

stock levels never shown on site :( ###### :S

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I used to use Airsoft Dynamics alot and found that their service was always second to none. I did some research on what has happened to them and it appears they have gone bankrupt! I copied the insolvency records with the url that was posted earlier.




Report Requested For : PAUL GORDON JONES


Report for Bankruptcy Case


Individual Details


Surname JONES

Forename(s) PAUL GORDON

Title MR

Occupation Unemployed

Date of Birth 16 August 1976

Last Known Address 14 Kensington Road



RG30 2SY


Insolvency Case Details



Court Reading County Court

Type Bankruptcy

Number 0000195

Case Year 2006

Order Date 23 February 2006

Status Currently Bankrupt : Automatic Discharge will be 24 February 2007

Case Description YUKI KOKUBO currently unemployed, residing at 60 Tintern Crescent, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 6HA and formerly trading in partnership with others as AD2000 t/a Airsoft Dynamics at Unit 3A, Woodgreen Farm Buildings, Upper Basildon, Reading RG8 8NA.


Trading Address Unit 3a

Woodgreen Farm Buildings

Upper Basildon




Insolvency Service Contact Details

Insolvency Service Office Reading

Contact Enquiry Desk

Address 2nd Floor

Kings Wharf

20-30 Kings Road


Post Code RG1 3ET - Click Post Code for Map of Office

(The Insolvency Service is not responsible for the content of external sites.)

Telephone 0118 958 1931

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