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Armalite Pictures

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Heres my new WGC Custom G&P M16 A2:


Ive added the ever so useful G&P Acog and Genuine M16 cleaning kit, also ive added a TN barrel and boy is it accurate. I think i need some .25 rounds :D


Probably the most realistic airsoft gun apart from the Systema PTW, dig the non slip foregrip and stock.





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CA M15 S.P.C

-Systema M120 Spring

-Reinforced Bushings

-Systema M4 363mm 6.04 Tightbore

-LayLax Nitro Bipod Rail mount

-Rock Mount Harris Style 6-9" Bipod

-Vertical Grip

-Falcon Industries Rail Covers

-HK G36K Style Flash Hider

-Leapers 4x32 Reticle illuminated Mil-Dot Scope









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Nothing fancy, just my M733, now with a home made silencer. Looks the business though.




- CapaciousZepher


Have you sprayed the foregrips and stock OD, or is it just the camera?? If it is green, do you have a better picture like a side profile? Thinking about taking my M733 down the OD path, and it would be great to see what it looks like beforehand.

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Crickey guys, if this isn't the best way to persuade someone to buy an Armalite, i don't know what is! Some really lovely guns in here.


My gun is in the works. Far from finished. There are too many things to choose from to put in these things! ICS M4 C15 based (New 06 upgraded version).. I have a good idea of how it will look (none on how it will work!) finished.. just hope it turns out that way!


Keep posting! Giving me some huge inspiration here!

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waiting for my new (2nd hand) m733 to arrive :) will get pics up soon as it arrives...


just wondering how you went about making that silencer CapaciousZepher had a go at making one a while ago for my mp5 and it never really worked...


nice paintjob and all mate :) same as i want i want to do

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Didnt have a tan gun so thought....hmmm...would like to get VLTOR stock - and just after I ordered this I saw theres a VLTOR marked body coming out...perhaps...hmmmm


Someone is making an airsoft MUR?


EDIT: never mind, access overseas had them...it's only the lower and not the complete MUR/VIS

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Donnie! Woah! That looks awesome!!!


I plan on buying the M468 conversion kits for my M4-S, but instead of a DMR Setup (Which I'm guessing that that's what you are going for...), I plan on going with a Desert Assault Rifle setup. The Magpul stock might be a bit much...I'd rather have it on a customized A3, but I think that huge ACOG pretty much evens it out, though. :D


My gun should look awesome whan it's done!



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Oh man Im ordering a WGC Custom G&P M4 tomorrow.  I am currently on the verge of exploding in my pants. :P


You should. Just holding my G&P makes me want to cream in my pants.




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